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Loadout Bringing 44 Billion Guns Out Of Early Access

Borderlands who?

Loadout is one of those mangun shootythorpes we see far too many of these days, but of those sorts of games it looks like a rather nice standout. The style is eye-catchingly cartoony, the humor is zany, and an emphasis on weapon customization means there's apparently a possible 44 billion gun combinations. It's not quite Borderlands... or maybe it is since 87 bazillion is a made-up number. I don't know. Bottom line: that's a lot of guns, and Loadout has personality to back them up. It's about to go from Early Access to final release, too, so soon you won't have to pay a single sent to try it out.

Loadout will officially launch - whatever that even means anymore - on January 31st. Right now it's on Early Access starting at $9.99, but soon it will be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (until microtransactions inevitably pop up, though I've heard this one is actually really lenient about them).

So let's see: goofy third-person shooter, has lots of guns, no more Early Access. Yep, I think that just about covers it. I've actually been in the neighborhood for a new Dumb Gun Game to pour all of my Man Emotions into (in the form of bullets, of course). Do those of you who've tried the Early Access version of Loadout recommend it?

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