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Unlocked: Loadout Early Access On Steam

The last time Valve updated their list of Steam Early Access games they somehow managed to switch off all the Press accounts. That was the worst hour of my life, let me tell you. This time around, with the addition of free-to-play cartoon shooter Loadout to the raft of in-development games on Steam, I cautiously looked at my library. Everything was there! Though when I downloaded Loadout nothing was actually installed. I just have a DirectX folder, not a game that promises billions of weapon and gloopy violence. Still, baby steps and all that. Having something installed is better than having my livelihood taken away from me. Until Valve fixes this second egregious assault on my Steam library, I'll just have a stare at this trailer.

It is a very pretty shooter, isn't it? Third-person action with a huge amount of character and weapon customisation. You can change a gun's stock, chassi, scope, projectile, trigger, magazine, and barrel, it all has an effect. It sounds like something that can be heavily abused, but I'd like to see it in action. You can either wait for the final release to play it for free, or pay for Early Access and the usual treats. There are three tiers, ranging from £15 to £68. There are obvious rewards in joining in now, but if you can hold out I'll see if I can get Steam to sort out whatever is keeping me from installing the full game and I'll tell you if it's worth it.

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So, yeah. It's kind of out now, but not really. But it is.

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