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A Rash Of Updates For Road Redemption

Moto see your GP

It's been eight months since we checked in to see just how convincingly spiritual Road Rash sequel Road Redemption was smacking people in the face with a chain at 100MPH. Successfully Kickstarted last May, it's recently stuck a helmeted head above the parapet to show off a current build. It looks somewhat as one might expect/hope - a 16-bit ethos transposed to 21st century tech with something of a Mad Max aesthetic.

'Redemption' does seem a somewhat inappropriate word to include in the name of a game that's basically about causing people grievous bodily harm in order to win a motorbike race, but perhaps these riders were even more terrible people before they adopted that as a hobby.

BIFF. And also OW.

Dev blog updates have been somewhat spotty, but last November saw one chatting about plans for co-op and multiplayer, if you like.

Early days still, of course, but if you like the look of that you can still pre-order/fund the game directly even though the Kickstarter is long over.

It's worth reminding y'all that this is neither an officially-sanctioned Road Rash game (the Curse Of The IP-Squatting Electronic Arts strikes again) or developed by anyone who worked on the original bike'n'battery games. It's just some experienced devs ("from the likes of Sega, Sony, Bioware, Gameloft, Tequila Works, Disney Interactive, EA Sports, EA, LucasArts, and more" who really, really like motorbikes and common assault.

Regardless of how one may feel about its heritage, Road Redemption has also been Greenlit, so it's headed our way fast for sure.

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