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VROOMBIFF: Road Redemption Funded

Redemption. Usually, it's synonymous with some form of return, comeback, or newfound evidence of worth. It'd have been kind of a shame (in a bizarre, cosmic kind of way), then, if something called Road Redemption crashed and burned before it even crossed the starting line. Fortunately, the Road Rash spiritual successor ended its funding drive with a respectable $173,803, putting it ever-so-slightly beyond its $160,000 goal. Soon, there will be much katana jousting and celebratory roadkill feasting. But first: Steam and, you know, actually finishing the game.

With any luck, we'll be able to cry havoc and let loose the hogs of hell (and very dangerous fastness) in August of 2014. There will also be various backer betas before that, as well one open to all shortly prior to release.

For now, however, Road Redemption is attempting to race its way to the top of the ever-perilous Mt Greenlight, and DarkSeas seems quite adamant about making the cut. If it manages that feat, backers will apparently also receive Steam keys straight out the gate. But what if you despise Steam, the color green, lights, and the idea of giving literal definitions to brands and abstract concepts? Well then, you might be out of luck on the bonus front, as Road Redemption's Kickstarter ground to a halt before hitting any stretch goals.

Still though, we now get to find out if Road Rash by a slightly less gross name (not to mention an entirely different development team) will smell as sweet, and there's certainly something to be said for that. EA hasn't exactly been chomping at the bit to revive the series recently, so this is a case where something is much better than nothing. And now, all that's left is to sit back and watch the miracle that is game development run its course. Just as nature intended.

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