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Spreading Like A Rash: Road Redemption

Road Redemption is a newcomer in the world of motorbike gangs. It probably has Road Rash tattooed somewhere on its body but it isn't directly descended from the bandanna-clad grandaddy of motorcycle combat games. Or, if it is, the mean ol' bastard won't acknowledge it, so it has a name of its own. Alec has already taken to the asphalt, putting a youth of BMX stunt riding to good use, and the game is now available, albeit in Early Access form. There's undoubtedly a launch video on Steam but I'm going to show you what happened when Mr Meer rode his bike through a carstorm instead. A carstorm is a meteorological event in which calls fall out of the sky.

That's good, isn't it? I'd probably enjoy Gran Turismo if it had proper weather effects like that. What's the worst that can happen while you're Forzaing your way around Russell Brand's Hatch? Drizzle? Pah. When the Formula Ones are skipping and rocket jumping around the Grand National Prix, do the drivers occasionally reach across and strap explosives to their opponents' vehicles? Thought not.

The Early Access period is expected to last until early next year and the devs reckon there's 10-15 hours of content already. I'm presuming that's on top of the 10-15 hours I'd like to spend racing through the carstorm. The latest patch updates are informative:

Player is now more powerful when it comes to taking down cars

It's like Road Rash in a world of superpowers.

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