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Fight Club: Magicka: Wizard Wars Duel Mode Revealed

Cuff off.

If I had the time (and I actually plan on making the time), I'd go to as many Early Access developers as I could manage and ask from them what impact releasing the game to the public has had on their plans for the game? What changes they've made as a direct response from the way the players took up their tools? Paradox North has just admitted to taking the advice of the Magicka: Wizard Wars community, but in an awesome way. Their multiplayer game of wizards warring has a new Duel Mode that's come from fan feedback: a one vs one game mode where you can tussle with an elemental enemy without worrying about a team-mate accidentally flambéing you. There's a trailer for it below.

It's played out in an arena, and it enables other players to watch the robed routs before they take the stage and battle someone. It strikes me as a good place to learn to the game, though I imagine most will be using it to score points against friends. If that's you, I am deleting you from my Steam Friends list immediately. I don't have time for that sort of relationsip.

The mode will be patched in "soon". If it's not already in by the time this wee story has hit the back of your retinas, then you might have 'slow eye' syndrome. But it's more likely that they've not hit the big button, yet.

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