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Free Gift! Magicka: Wizard Wars Rock-Throwing RPS Robe

Rock, Paper, Cower

We like Magicka: Wizard Wars a bit, which is why Jim, Adam and Jim again have all written to profess their love. Yesterday was the game's one-year anniversary, and we've consequently got a special RPS-themed in-game robe to give to RPS supporters.

It lets you hurl rocks harder and faster than others, fittingly.

What is any of this?

Wizard Wars takes the frenetic, slapstick violence of Magicka, clarifies the spell system a tad so there's thousands instead of tens of thousands of element combinations, and then puts it towards creating a free-to-play multiplayer game. It's technically still in beta, though that's been open beta since back in May.

This robe, pictured in full below, provides a boost to the wearer's earth stats, which as mentioned above determines how fine you are at flinging rocks. (It also comes with the "cower" emote, which is equally fitting.)

Alright, how do I get it?

Are you an RPS Supporter and therefore one of our favourite people? You've already got it. Log in to the Humble account you used to sign up and you should now be able to redeem a Magicka: Wizard Wars key from the same page you received your lovely Team Fortress 2 Horace Hat. IMPORTANT: new gifts - which we'll add regularly throughout the year - appear automatically on all active accounts (so if you signed up previously, you've got this), but are provided on a first-come, first-served basis to future Supporters and are not guaranteed due to limited numbers.

I have a key! But where do I enter it?

A fine question. This code is a Steam key, which means you redeem it just like any Steam game or DLC - even if you already have the game installed, the process is the same.

1. Launch Steam (or download and install Steam if you've not got it already)
2. Click "Games" from the menu bar at the top of the Steam client, then select "Activate a product on Steam"
3. Follow on-screen instructions to redeem Steam key
4. After redemption, Steam will automatically download and install the RPS Robe as a piece of DLC (and if you don't have the game, it'll download and install that first)

That's it. Any questions, email someone.

I've no more questions.

Thank goodness. Let us ask you one: how do you feel about us giving away gifts like this - with Supporters taken care of first, but other people able to grab one if quick enough as before? Let us know in the comments. We are, as ever, working out how to do this as we go.

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