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From Curse To Hearse: Dark Souls II

Die, die and die again

After 45 seconds of slow build, the new Dark Souls II trailer delivers exactly what I'd hoped for. Vaguely poetic death threats and glimpses of the hideous creatures that will be performing the executions. There's a particularly unpleasant fellow who seems to have the screaming, writhing corpses of the damned instead of a waist. It looks good on him, I have to say, and I fully expect the look to feature on the catwalk this summer. Whether or not you consider the Souls games to be horror-RPGs, it's hard to argue that the creature designs in this trailer aren't more horrific and imaginative than anything we've seen of The Evil Within so far.

The trailer does show a lot of the game's larger enemies and I think it's only fair to consider the possibility that some people will consider that to be spoiler territory. I certainly wouldn't want to ruin the look of terror that will cross many a face when the [redacted] spews [redacted] that crawl and shiver over the hero until he's reduced to [redacted]. A great moment for trouser merchants.

Dark Souls II is out on March 14th and I'm considering a swift cryostasis session to reduce the waiting time. Take a look at Agent Stanton's hands-on preview for more information.

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