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Adapt Or Die (And Reload): Arma 3's 2nd Campaign Out Now

Adapt to the bugs probably - burn

Arma 3's campaign singleplayer is being released in three chunks. The first, released late last year, was called Survive. The second is out today and is called "Adapt". There's a trailer below, which shows a player adapt from a lying-down to a standing-up position, and then there's an explosion and lots of little parachuting men.


Here's some details, but not many:

"In the new episode, titled ‘Adapt’, players take on the role of Ben Kerry, a soldier trapped on the island of Altis following a Mediterranean flashpoint.

It's funny because, as I explained last time, "Mediterranean flashpoint" is also a name for Rich McCormick's bumhole. That's a reference to Rich Stanton's Arma 3 Wot I Think, and by bringing it up again it let's me use my favourite RPS tag.

"While the first part of the campaign introduced players to Arma 3's basic infantry combat and story, episode two opens up the military sandbox further, challenging players to adopt guerrilla tactics in the face of against a stronger, better-equipped enemy."

It's funny because "a strong, better-equipped enemy" is also a name for Rich McCormick's bumhole.

The campaign episodes are included in the price of the game, so should be downloading already if you've got the game installed on Steam. The third part, called "Win" (spoilers), is out in March. It's funny because "Win" is (We get the idea --Ed).

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