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Flipping Good News: KAMI Kaming To PC, Soon

Here's a nice piece of news to brighten a dreary Monday. KAMI - the superbly received puzzler for IOS - is heading to the PC. This is from State Of Play Games, who brought us the lovely Lume, and are working on the forthcoming (and even lovelier looking) Lumino City. KAMI is also now out on Android too, for proper decent people who don't have iThings, like ME. But the important thing is: PC version very soon. There's a trailer below, so you can find out why you should care.

Influenced by origami, more in style than substance, it's a game about making the screen all one colour by folding over squares of paper. Sort of. Well, just watch the video:

It's gorgeous to play. While I'm not the hugest fan of "fewest move" puzzles (I prefer a single fixed route through a puzzle, definable terms) the presentation here is completely lovely. Each square flips by folding itself diagonally, and you can play multiple moves at once, bringing the screen alive with flippy folding. And it's well worth pressing the reset button even if you don't need to, as the screen resolves itself in the same fashion.

The mobile version, despite being paid-for, charges for "hint credits", which is a bit of a shame. That said, it's 69p on Android, and then further charges to buy the Premium Packs of puzzles, so it's not exactly a pricey start. Hopefully such things will be entirely eradicated from the PC build, which will likely come out at a higher price and include the lot.

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