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Paper Sorcerer & Luxuria Suberbia Both Reach Steam

The odd couple

If you're trying to find a link between them, let me put your mind at rest. The two games could hardly have less in common, but as both came out around November last year, and both have just turned up on Steam in the last few days, it seemed oddly compelling to put them incongruously together in the same post.

Paper Sorcerer is the successfully Kickstarted RPG from Ultra Runaway, that takes a gaming sensibility of the late '80s, and presents it in a strikingly modern, minimalist fashion. With free movement, and yet traditional turn-based combat given a very subtle twist. Most striking is its presentation - a wonderful use of light and dark to create the impression of an ink-painted world on parchment. It fought its way through Greenlight, and is now available for just £4. Or you can still buy it directly from the developers for $5. I wrote my impressions of it here.

Luxuria Superbia is Tale Of Tales' exploration of the ladyparts, an arcade game exploration of the vagina, where you fly endlessly through flower designs, caressing buds and stroking walls to stimulate the levels. This is from the development couple who have previously brought us far darker, more morbid games, like the extremely unsettling The Path, or touching games about death like The Graveyard. Luxuria may appear a strikingly different project, but certainly fits into their oeuvre of exploring humanity in an emotional, intimate way. Graham reviewed the game, finding it both fascinating and, well, a bit boring. However, it remains a distinctive curiosity, and a wonderful example of the breadth of PC gaming. It's on Steam now for £4.50, and you can still get it from Tale Of Tales directly for $7.

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