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La-Mulana 2 Digs For Kickstarter Gold

Metroid Spelunky Souls

A sequel to Indy-does-Metroid retroesque platformer La-Mulana was announced last September, so hopefully no-one's going 'La-Mulana 2? Whaaaaaaaaaaat?' in happy disebelief at this point. Today's news focuses on the fact that devs NIGORO have taken the game to Kickstarter, looking for $200,000 for what they describe as "a direct sequel" to the 2012 PC port of the 2011 WiiWare English remake of the 2005 Japanese-only PC game.

They claim one of the main reasons for doing this is that the 2011/2012 remake didn't offer too much for fans of the original game, so want to create a complete clutch of brand new stuff this time around. While the formula's very similar, their intent is a "monumental sequel" that offers good, challenging times for La-Mulana players old and new.

For the confused latter, I haven't actually played the thing so can't help much, but Adam's described the first as, variously, the Dark Souls of 2D platformers and joining Spelunky as the best archaeology games ever.

The Kickstarter page offers a bunch of concept and prototype art, along with the usual grand promises and details big and small. Currently they've got about $32k in the bank, with 32 days left to round up the remaining $170k-odd.

Stretch goals rather optimistically run as high as $2.7 million, and if reached entail making console versions and another remake of the original. I'm, uh, not entirely sure that will happen. But good luck, optimistic Japanese developers!

Speaking (tangentially) of the land of the rising sun, Spotify this morning recommended this rather fine Japanese Jazz and Salon music from the 1930s to me. It's quite lovely, but has nothing whatsoever to do with La Mulana.

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