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Indie-ana Jones: Nigoro Whipping Up La Mulana 2 

Whip it good

The original La Mulana is quite well-revered around these parts, and with good reason. It's basically Indiana Jones as a Metroidvania, only instead of Harrison Ford's rugged charm and nigh-infinite bag of last-second tricks, you're working with your own fickle reflexes and exceedingly mortal tendencies. Basically, you should be prepared to be stuck/stymied a lot, which is part of the reason Adam likes to compare it to Dark Souls so very, very much. And now a sequel's in the works, which should please him (and you, and all lovers of exploration and challenge) to no end. You will actually never stop being pleased. That proposition might strike you as existentially confusing, so I'll allow you a few seconds to ponder it while you click past the break for scant details.

The sequel will star the daughter of the original's main character, and it's apparently been in development since La Mulana's WiiWare version became a thing. At the moment, it's still rather early in development, but Nigoro's Takumi Naramura told IndieGames that the goal is to create an experience that's markedly less confusing, but still exceedingly difficult.

For instance, if you step on a switch and something happens off-screen, the camera will briefly pan to the location of the event and back. Little touches like that. Don't worry, though: Naramura and co still "really want the player to experience a rush of gratification upon overcoming a difficult challenge within the game."

Nigoro also plans to take feedback from fans throughout La Mulana 2's development, so it might be worth your while to grab the first game on Steam and sound off. Or say nothing at all, if you so please. Don't let random jerks on the Internet (like me!) tell you what to do.

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