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La-Mulana 2 Hits Kickstarter Goal, Buys Developer Curry

Indie Indy platformer

To certain audiences, La-Mulana is the Japanese indie platformer that crossed Indiana Jones with Metroid. To me, and I suspect a lot of other people, it's one of the games most responsible for inspiring Spelunky. That puts it in Wasteland territory, in my head; it inspired a thing I love, and so a lot of that love transfers.

La-Mulana 2 was announced in September, popped up on Kickstarter last month, and has just hit its target

La-Mulana 2, like its predecessor, is an action-adventure platformer. You explore caves and ruins, fiddling with environmental traps and fighting enemies to progress to the next area.

It looks unlikely that the game will reach its ambitious stretch goals, which originally extended up to $2.7 million, and now go as high as $???,???. It has cleared the first couple of goals though, which are maybe my favourite of all the Kickstarter campaigns I've seen:

$200,256: Curry Party

The whole La-Mulana 2 team will sit together and have a curry party live on Twitch.TV. Curry is the soul of La-Mulana, and curry will be the soul of our team.

$200,768: Curry Hell

La-Mulana 2 director Takumi Naramura will eat curry three times a day for three days. Enduring this spicy hell will make him stronger, allowing him the ability to make an even better game!

Stretch goals have a high chance of warping a project beyond its original scope and intent, but I'm all for developers buying themselves a nice meal.

Backing the project at $12 gets you the game upon its release in December 2015.

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