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May 2023 Archive

    1. What's better: An enemy which can't see you but can sense you, or it only moves when you're not looking?
    2. Get 16GB of Crucial DDR5 RAM for £34
    3. Pick up an MSI RX 6800 16GB graphics card for £430 in this UK deal
    4. The Tartarus Key review: an absolutely nails thriller-puzzler that's worth the effort
    5. This claymation game makes me deeply uncomfortable so of course I need to play it
    6. Why Citizen Sleeper’s cast of interstellar nobodies matter
    7. Join us for the next RPS Game Club liveblog this Friday
    8. Bridge-building puzzler Poly Bridge 3 is out now
    9. How System Shock 2 made Stephen Kick and Nightdive Studios
    10. System Shock through the ages: remake, Enhanced Edition and original visuals compared
    11. Xbox tease a Fable announcement ahead of showcase
    12. Retro RPGs meet the world of pro wrestling in WrestleQuest, releasing this August
    13. Wordle hint and answer #711 (May 31 2023)
    1. Farworld Pioneers looks like a blend of RimWorld and Starbound
    2. Xbox might be teasing Psychonauts 3 on Twitter
    3. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is coming to PC in July
    4. The popular EVGA Z20 optical mechanical keyboard drops to $60 at Best Buy
    5. Samsung's 990 Pro is the fastest SSD we've tested - and now the 2TB is on sale in the UK
    6. Oh lovely, another horror game with mannequins who move when you're not looking
    7. Silent Hill: Ascension's new trailer teases some very on-brand fleshy monsters
    8. Diablo IV review: 2023's prettiest RSI machine
    9. Crucial T700 review: an untethered, unaffordable PCIe 5.0 SSD
    10. Amnesia: The Bunker and Slayers X headline the next batch of Game Pass additions
    11. Tetris has a sand-based remix that's devastatingly good for procrastinating, out now for free
    12. When can you preload Diablo 4?
    13. Paid mods are “against the creative and open spirit of modding,” say Valheim's developer
    14. Screenshot Saturday Tuesday: The most realistic game about video game journalists
    15. How to use photo mode in Honkai: Star Rail
    16. System Shock: The oral history of a forward-thinking PC classic
    17. Prehistoric farming sim Roots Of Pacha returns to Steam following a rights dispute
    18. Street Fighter 6 review: the former champ is finally back on top
    19. Wordle hint and answer #710 (May 30 2023)
    1. Get Noctua's premium NF-P12 case fans for £12.95 each at Amazon UK
    2. Grab Samsung's 2TB T7 portable SSD for £104.96 at Amazon
    3. If you think writers should use AI you're a giant idiot loser
    4. System Shock remake review: Nightdive rebuilds the immersive sim mothership just as it was
    5. Wordle hint and answer #709 (May 29 2023)
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Wordle hint and answer #708 (May 28 2023)
    1. Psychonauts 2 and Homeworld 3 crowdfunding platform Fig goes offline tomorrow
    2. Sons Of The Forest's latest update adds hard mode
    3. Lord Of The Rings: Gollum developers "deeply apologize" for disappointing players
    4. Nintendo filed a DMCA notice against Dolphin emulator's release on Steam
    5. Citizen Sleeper's DLC has taught me total failure is sometimes inevitable, and that's okay
    6. What are we all playing this weekend?
    7. Wordle hint and answer #707 (May 27 2023)
    1. Minecraft's Trails & Tales update brings the fan-voted sniffer mob and more on June 7th
    2. Asus ROG Ally review: a nifty handheld PC with the best and worst of Windows
    3. Off-Peak City feels so big because it's built from tiny places and unknown space
    4. I'm having a delightful time in tiny woodland survival sim Smalland
    5. Deckbuilding RPG Cross Blitz enters early access this year
    6. Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 livestream date and time
    7. How to open the triple authentication door in Honkai: Star Rail
    8. Fallout: New Vegas is currently free to keep on the Epic Games Store
    9. Homeworld 3 has been delayed to February 2024
    10. Alone In The Dark comes out this October, stars Jodie Comer and David Harbour
    11. Wordle hint and answer #706 (May 26 2023)
    1. Intel's Arc A750 8GB GPU gets UK price cut to £230.98 - yet outperforms the £300 RTX 3060
    2. The 1TB WD SN850x, our top PCIe 4.0 SSD, is down to an unbelievable £64.99 at Amazon
    3. Please stop it with all the bland, new multiplayer shooters that will die in six months
    4. Warhammer 40,000: Darktide next patch adds new missions (and possibly crossplay?)
    5. Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader is getting a closed beta in June
    6. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2's latest trailer gives us a first look at its endless Tyranid hordes
    7. Miss Twisted Metal? This Warhammer 40K multiplayer racer shooter is for you
    8. Elite Dangerous devs are making new Warhammer RTS, Age Of Sigmar: Realms Of Ruin
    9. Destiny 2: The Final Shape shows cool big triangle (also resurrection of Nathan Fillion)
    10. Amazon Prime June freebies include Neverwinter Nights, SteamWorld Dig 2 and more
    11. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S2 Episode 17: a brief history of everything that ever ran Doom
    12. Ultros is a psychedelic metroidvania where you fight gangly aliens and tend plants
    13. Gris devs reveal beautiful puzzle-platformer Neva, out 2024
    14. Towers Of Aghasba has all the settlement-building and flying whales you could hope for
    15. Sword Of The Sea is a gorgeous new desert-surfing adventure from the devs behind Abzu and Journey
    16. Phantom Blade Zero is a kung-fu punk Soulslike with surprising mobile origins
    17. Metal Gear Solid 1-3 rereleases coming in a new collection, hopefully on PC?
    18. How to Superimpose in Honkai: Star Rail
    19. The Talos Principle 2 promises more philosophical pondering and mind-bending puzzles
    20. Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time remake is still in the "early stage" of development
    21. DLSS 3 is The Lord of the Rings: Gollum’s biggest and perhaps only success
    22. The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum review: I hates it
    23. Wordle hint and answer #705 (May 25 2023)
    1. Everything announced at Sony's PlayStation Showcase 2023, in liveblog form
    2. Rumours of a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake are confirmed at tonight's PlayStation Showcase
    3. Alan Wake 2 trailer confirms it will arrive in October
    4. Revenant Hill is the new cat-starring game from the makers of Night In The Woods
    5. Assassin's Creed Mirage comes out October 12th, now confirmed
    6. Bungie are rebooting Marathon as a PvP-focused loot shooter
    7. Dragon's Dogma 2 gets first trailer, will come to Steam
    8. Cyber-ninja slasher Ghostrunner 2 debuts first trailer and a speedy new motorbike
    9. What's better: A silent protagonist, or combat style ratings?
    10. This $70 Micro ATX case is the perfect start to your SFF PC build
    11. Logitech's low profile MX Keys wireless keyboard is down to £81 at Amazon UK
    12. AMD announce the Radeon RX 7600, an RDNA 3 graphics card for slick 1080p
    13. Amazon Prime Gaming adds more freebies to the May line-up including Turnip Boy and Calico
    14. Star Wars Jedi Survivor XP farm: How to earn Skill Points quickly
    15. Build comfy marble runs in this free indie prototype
    16. Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti review: the big middle of graphics cards
    17. Honkai: Star Rail pity system explained
    18. Even a return to Titan can't bring me back to Destiny 2
    19. Sega announces 121 job cuts at Company Of Heroes studio Relic Entertainment
    20. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler's Reach rooftop puzzle solution
    21. Miasma Chronicles review: this tactically sound turn-based post-apocalypse is short on fresh ideas
    22. WD's Black SN770 PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD is down to £43.99 for a 1TB size
    23. The best Genshin Impact Yoimiya build
    24. The best Genshin Impact Yae Miko build
    25. Wordle hint and answer #704 (May 24 2023)
    1. Anime MMO Blue Protocol's western release has been pushed into 2024
    2. Forspoken patch adjusts "frequency and content" of banter ahead of DLC release
    3. F1 Manager 2023 coming this summer with more motorsport simulation
    4. Final Fantasy XIV's patch 6.4 is out now, with new story quests and outdoor furniture
    5. Intel's Arc A750 beats the RTX 3060 - and is $200 at Newegg
    6. Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun review: gloriously maximalist shooting and sawing in the 41st millennium
    7. Total War's next stop is Ancient Egypt with Total War: Pharaoh
    8. Star Wars Jedi Survivor ending explained
    9. Star Wars Jedi Survivor recruits: Where to find everyone for Pyloon's Saloon
    10. Star Wars Jedi Survivor length: How long does it take to beat the game?
    11. Indie immersive sim Ctrl Alt Ego adds a Sandbox mode generating new levels
    12. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Derelict Dam elevator: How to reach the top
    13. Genshin Impact 3.7 release date, update time, and banner details
    14. Citizen Sleeper is perfect for visual novel novices
    15. Forget Exoprimal's dinosaurs and evil AI, the real villains are its surprisingly capable bots
    16. If PlayStation fans are only happy with PC releases taking place 2-3 years later, surely Bloodborne must be next, yeah?
    17. Could Final Fantasy 16 be the last numbered Final Fantasy game?
    18. Humanity review: perfect puzzles pumped with existential hot air
    19. Exoprimal devs tell us how they pushed for thousands of onscreen dinosaurs, and why it bears no relation to Dino Crisis
    20. Wordle hint and answer #703 (May 23 2023)
    1. Forza Horizon 5 update adds new cars, overlanding modifications and photo mode features
    2. Inkbound, from Monster Train's developers, is in early access now
    3. Grab an RTX 4070 Ti gaming PC for £1260 with Diablo 4 and a free headset
    4. China has approved Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard
    5. If Elders Scrolls 6 steals one thing from Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, it should be Link's best cheat power
    6. Get Logitech's perfect starter racing wheel and pedals for 50% off in the UK
    7. Alan Wake 2 is "supposed to come out in October" apparently
    8. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: Neon nights and horrible squiggly beasts
    9. Planet Of Lana review: a gorgeous sci-fi tale that shoots for the stars
    10. A 40% voucher makes this Ergotron-built monitor arm just £49
    11. Now you can play Doom over teletext
    12. Wordle hint and answer #702 (May 22 2023)
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Wordle hint and answer #701 (May 21 2023)
    1. Prison Architect teases 3D sequel as it receives its final update
    2. American Truck Simulator will soon receive its third California revamp
    3. Overdungeon just got its first update in 4 years as developer blames issues with publishing contract
    4. Crypt Of The NecroDancer studio has laid off around half its staff
    5. What are we all playing this weekend?
    6. Wordle hint and answer #700 (May 20 2023)
    1. Pick up 32GB of blazing-fast DDR5-7000 RAM for $125
    2. Get some guy's favourite wired PC gaming headset for £37 - after nearly 40% off
    3. Kujlevka's budget production values belie a clever first contact tale
    4. Reality Bytes: The Star Wars VRoliday Special
    5. Platinum Games have added a free side-scrolling mode to The Wonderful 101
    6. HROT review: serviceable Soviet shooter saved by scintillating level design
    7. Hypnospace Outlaw's throwback shooter spin-off comes out next month on Game Pass
    8. The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom owes more to Garry’s Mod than you might expect
    9. Co-op horror The Outlast Trials is out now in early access
    10. Teenage Demon Slayer Society mixes turn-based demon-slaying with funny teen antics
    11. Wordle hint and answer #699 (May 19 2023)
    1. One of the very fastest SSDs is down to £75 for 1TB at Amazon UK
    2. PowerWash Simulator's first paid DLC takes players to SpongeBob SquarePants' Bikini Bottom
    3. Metro: Last Light Complete Edition is currently free to keep from Steam
    4. Death Stranding is currently free to keep from the Epic Games Store
    5. Epic Games Store's Mega Sale is live now, with new 5% Epic Rewards
    6. Hawken Reborn is a bland singleplayer mech FPS built on a hostile free-to-play model
    7. Everything that happened at the Humble Games Showcase 2023
    8. The Rally Point: Songs Of Syx works at every scale by encouraging natural growth
    9. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S2 Episode 16: a Zelda episode as a naked play for your attention
    10. Soulslike Lords Of The Fallen unleashes its dual worlds this October
    11. Star Wars Jedi Survivor story explained
    12. Netherrealm officially announce Mortal Kombat 1 and it's coming this year
    13. Lego 2K Drive review: a charming open world kart racer slowed by live service roadblocks
    14. Nvidia reveal the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 – here’s everything you need to know
    15. Journey developer's peaceful MMO Sky: Children Of The Light is coming to PC
    16. The Expanse: A Telltale Series kicks off with episode one this July
    17. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's latest patch aims to improve performance and stability
    18. CCL are offering an RTX 4070 gaming PC with Diablo 4 for £960
    19. Wordle hint and answer #698 (May 18 2023)
    1. What's better: fighting your double, or optional challenges giving rewards upfront?
    2. The Five Nights At Freddy's film teaser is ready to capitalise on teen nostalgia
    3. How to raise Trailblaze Level in Honkai: Star Rail
    4. Jedi Survivor Holotactics guide
    5. Fantasy RPG Mirthwood mixes Fable-style socialising with Stardew's farmlifery
    6. Atomic Heart’s graphics options have gone mysteriously missing on the Steam Deck
    7. Strategy sequel Jagged Alliance 3 set to release this July
    8. How to use Findie in Honkai: Star Rail
    9. Indiescovery Episode 10: The Indievision Song Contest
    10. Overwatch 2 has dumped plans for their promised PvE Hero Mode
    11. Wordle hint and answer #697 (May 17 2023)
    1. Steam Sports Fest has kicked off with a week of bally good discounts
    2. You can try the Dead Space remake for 90 minutes with a Steam free trial
    3. Crowd control puzzler Humanity is out now
    4. This extreme overclocking EVGA Z690 Kingpin motherboard is more than 50% off at Newegg
    5. Long Covid Mods translate “real-world symptoms" into Elden Ring, Minecraft, and The Witcher 3
    6. Veiled Experts is 3rd person Counter-Strike, and somehow it's utterly fantastic
    7. Chicory: A Colorful Tale and Planet Of Lana are coming to Game Pass this month
    8. Cryptmaster is a bizarre fill-in-the-blank dungeon crawler where words are your weapons
    9. You can try the Layers Of Fear collection today, thanks to a chilling UE5 demo
    10. David Gaider says making mythological musical Stray Gods was "a little bit more complicated" than expected
    11. Vampire: The Masquerade battle royale is ending development after last year's launch
    12. Stylish mech shooter Hawken returning with a free-to-play PvE game
    13. Amazon Games announce a second attempt at The Lord Of The Rings MMO
    14. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path of Restoration puzzle solution
    15. Wordle hint and answer #696 (May 16 2023)
    1. Paranormasight's director says making a visual novel is always "messy work"
    2. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor PC patches tested: less stuttering, still slow
    3. Microsoft's proposed Activision Blizzard acquisition has been approved by EU regulators
    4. Decarbonise America in the tiny card-based Green New Deal Simulator, out now for free
    5. Raise the undead in Songs Of Conquest's newest necromantic campaign, out today
    6. Screenshot Saturday Mondays: Retro styles and dynamically slicing a cat (the cat is fine)
    7. Best stance in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
    8. Star Wars Jedi Survivor lightsaber parts
    9. Jedi Survivor lightsaber colors
    10. Best Jedi Survivor lightsaber designs
    11. Stardew-like Roots Of Pacha removed from Steam after the developer and publisher disagree "over the rights"
    12. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path of Persistence puzzle solution
    13. Wordle hint and answer #695 (May 15 2023)
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Wordle hint and answer #694 (May 14 2023)
    1. What are we all playing this weekend?
    2. Replace *all* of your HDDs with this massive 8TB Samsung 870 Qvo SSD
    3. This ASRock RX 6950 XT graphics card is now under £600
    4. Wordle hint and answer #693 (May 13 2023)
    1. Despelote is a seriously nostalgic indie, taking us back to 2001's Ecuador
    2. Dino rhythm game Goodbye Volcano High has been delayed to avoid crunch
    3. Gears Of War 5's co-op campaign is a reminder that simplicity is king
    4. Star Wars Jedi Survivor boss locations
    5. Mech Punk is bizarre, overwhelming, and actually punk
    6. Stadia-exclusive horror Gylt is finally coming to Steam
    7. How Tunic was born from a lifelong obsession with Zelda, secrets and hidden object games
    8. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path of Conviction puzzle solution
    9. Giant God game Reus is getting a sequel with more world-shaping titans
    10. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Koboh collectibles
    11. The 9 best PC games like Zelda
    12. How to link your EA App and Epic Games Store accounts
    13. Retro-inspired Soviet FPS HROT leaves early access next week
    14. Microsoft's eco-friendly Remix Special Edition Xbox Controller is down to £60 at Amazon UK
    15. Get the RPS-recommended Razer Iskur gaming chair for £265
    16. Get this 32-inch 4K 144Hz Dell monitor for £494 - more than £100 cheaper than Amazon UK
    17. The small form factor PC case I can't stop buying is down to £60.99
    18. Wordle hint and answer #692 (May 12 2023)
    1. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedha collectibles
    2. The Rally Point: Foxhole is a rabbit hole of poor logistical strategies that's utterly fascinating
    3. Philips Evnia 42M2N8900 review: a colourful colossus of an OLED gaming monitor
    4. Chaotic deckbuilding FPS Friends Vs Friends comes out later this month
    5. Rotate rainy islands and deliver mail in this free, chill puzzler
    6. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S2 Episode 15: welcome to the Fortnite Olympics
    7. Lead a dogsled expedition into horror in this cracking little indie game
    8. The Asus ROG Ally's price is £699 / $699, will release in June
    9. Diablo 4 lays out future plans for seasons and battle passes
    10. Latest Mortal Kombat teaser points toward a timeline reset or soft reboot
    11. Persona meets teen Scooby-Doo shenanigans in supernatural RPG Demonschool
    12. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gets another patch focused on PC issues
    13. Wordle hint and answer #691 (May 11 2023)
    1. What's better: petting the dog, or entering cyberspace?
    2. Get the PCIe-5.0-beating Samsung 990 Pro 2TB SSD for £159
    3. Pick up this small form factor Fractal Design case with three RGB fans for $70
    4. The Lamplighters League's opening mission confirms it's a hot GOTY contender
    5. Vampires meet Frankenstein-ish experiments in V Rising's first big update
    6. Total War: Warhammer 3's roadmap outlines the next year of expansions and updates
    7. Pokémon developers Game Freak announce their new action-adventure IP with vague concept art
    8. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Connection puzzle solution
    9. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Fortitude guide
    10. Hollow Knight: Silksong has been delayed because it's "gotten quite big"
    11. How to get free characters in Honkai: Star Rail
    12. Honkai: Star Rail birthdays
    13. Honkai Star Rail tier list
    14. The Elephant Collection remasters 10 classic Flash games
    15. The 10 best Star Wars games to play on PC
    16. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Detachment puzzle solution
    17. Wordle hint and answer today #690 (May 10 2023)
    1. Starfield's pillow talk will make me swear a vow of space-celibacy
    2. This year's prettiest indie game will be going straight for your heartstrings on June 13th
    3. You're not going to like what's inside Elite Dangerous' Thargoid Maelstrom clouds
    4. Best skills in Star Wars Jedi Survivor
    5. Minimalist puzzlers Mini Motorways and Mini Metro are getting crossover maps this summer
    6. Screenshot Saturday Tuesday: Hand-baked art
    7. Outer Wilds fan makes a functional version of the alien translator
    8. Darkest Dungeon 2 review: a fast-paced roguelite down gloomy roads
    9. It's now easier to follow your favourite games and topics on RPS
    10. Doom 2 RPG has been unofficially ported to PC
    11. Street Fighter 6's open beta strikes out later this month
    12. Customers' personal info stolen in data breach, Western Digital says
    13. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Clarity puzzle solution
    14. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason puzzle solution
    15. Get five Arctic 140mm case fans for £22 with this Amazon deal
    16. The full-size EVGA Z12 gaming keyboard is down to £20 at Amazon UK
    1. Why the mysterious love affair between video games and giant elevators may begin with Akira
    2. Stardew-like meets murder mystery Grave Seasons has some supernatural secrets still to come
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Darkest Dungeon 2 hits 1.0 and arrives on Steam next week
    2. The Case Of The Golden Idol's three new mysteries are out now
    3. Magic: The Gathering Arena will come to Steam this month
    4. Shadow Gambit developers say to beware of scammers offering a fake beta
    5. What are we all playing this long weekend?
    1. RPS Time Capsule: the games worth saving from 2003
    2. Lunark is more than just a love letter to Flashback
    3. How to beat the Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor
    4. Fortnite is now officially an Olympic (e)sport
    5. Ice hockey goes roguelikelike in this early access indie game
    6. Narrative RPG Suzerain gets a royalty-focused expansion and 2.0 update later this year
    7. Elite Dangerous reveals the mysteries of its Thargoid Maelstrom anomalies in next update
    8. RPS premium supporters can claim their Park Beyond beta code today!
    9. Redfall Steam Deck performance report: a heavy drinker
    10. Life Is Strange makers Don't Nod announce release date for Harmony: The Fall Of Reverie
    11. Redfall review: an open world FPS drained of Arkane's magic
    12. Neon-folk horror Saturnalia is coming to Steam with a new first-person mode and more
    13. Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough
    14. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Crypt of Uhrma puzzle solution
    15. Get the 1TB Crucial X8 portable SSD for £61
    16. Pick up the super-quick 2TB Samsung 980 Pro PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD for £122
    1. Saints Row gets a combat overhaul next week alongside map expansion
    2. F1 2023 coming in June and will bring back story mode
    3. Xbox head Phil Spencer says Redfall's problems "not a delay question"
    4. Move over Returnal, Luna Abyss is your next favourite bullet hell shooter
    5. Tiny Life is a leaner, lo-fi take on The Sims that's just entered early access
    6. Park Beyond's array of simulation systems is more dizzying than its weird rides
    7. Amnesia: The Bunker's new gameplay video is bringing big Alien: Isolation-but-WW1 vibes
    8. Redfall: PC performance, system requirements and best settings guide
    9. The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S2 Episode 14: the optional content cometh
    10. LudoNarraCon returns to Steam with over 35 demos and 140 discounts
    11. Vote now for your favourite space games of all time
    12. Build and share your own Zelda dungeons on PC with this cute indie game
    13. How The Pale Beyond charts its own course from a melting pot of real-life polar expeditions
    14. Free-to-play Pokémon TCG Live will fully launch on PC this June
    15. Why XCOM and Marvel's Midnight Suns will never be forever games like Diablo and Destiny
    16. Logitech's Wireless Starter Kit is ideal for Steam Deck, media PCs and more
    17. Dell's 27-inch 1440p 280Hz gaming monitor is down to £430 after a 20% discount
    1. What's better: heals harming the undead, or voice chat?
    2. The 20 best space games on PC
    3. The 50 best strategy games to play on PC
    4. Microsoft put a time and date on their 2023 not-E3 Xbox Games Showcase
    5. Studio Ghibli-inspired platformer Planet Of Lana comes to PC and Game Pass on May 23rd
    6. RPS premium supporters get access to Park Beyond's closed beta this week!
    7. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Nova Garon collectibles
    8. A secret CS:GO bunker is sharing newspaper reports on the war in Ukraine to dodge Russian censorship
    9. How to add friends in Honkai: Star Rail
    10. Bohemia's new RTS FPS hybrid struggles to marry its two genres, but you do get to be a rad crab
    11. How to get Jedi Robes in Star Wars Jedi Survivor
    12. Indiescovery Episode 9: Our Steam-y confessions
    13. Star Wars Jedi Survivor map upgrades
    14. X-Men leader Storm zaps into Marvel's Midnight Suns next week
    15. The RPS Game Club pick for May is Citizen Sleeper
    16. This impressive mod now lets you play Persona 5 Royal as a woman
    17. Apex Legends' latest character Ballistic is an old dog showing off some new tricks in his trailer
    18. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Koboh Grinder puzzle walkthrough
    19. How many planets are there in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?
    20. Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Alignment Control Center puzzle
    21. Best character in Redfall
    22. This 60% wireless mechanical keyboard from Cooler Master is down to £49.98
    23. Get the fastest gaming CPU, the Ryzen 7 7800X3D, for a record low price
    1. Skywind releases long new trailer for Morrowind's 21st anniversary
    2. Fantasy 4X sequel Age Of Wonders 4 is out now
    3. Super Mega Baseball 4 will launch this summer with a roster of former pros
    4. Game Pass subscribers can now give free trials to five friends
    5. So far, Redfall's campaign feels like a hollow, open world FPS that's only partially congealed
    6. Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How to reach Winding Ravine
    7. The best Genshin Impact Ganyu build
    8. Citizen Sleeper is getting turned into a tabletop RPG
    9. The best Honkai: Star Rail Qingque build
    10. The best Honkai: Star Rail Herta build
    11. The Jurassic Park: Trespasser team walked where no other developer dared, and paid for it
    12. Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How to open the door in Pyloon's Saloon
    13. Get this massive 2TB Kingston SSD for just £77.50
    14. Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Vashtan Wolfe's Lair
    15. Get this MSI Radeon RX 6800 graphics card for £479.99
    16. Marvel's Midnight Suns was originally going to have loads more story chats in it
    17. The best Honkai: Star Rail Natasha build
    18. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor receives first patch to "improve performance and fix bugs"
    19. The best Honkai: Star Rail Serval build
    20. Star Wars Jedi Survivor Shattered Moon collectibles
    21. The best Honkai: Star Rail Asta build
    22. Glitch Buster's great co-op shooting silliness unsurprisingly falls apart in solo mode
    23. Screenshot Saturday Tuesday: Flushing the tutorial out the airlock
    24. Move over Pentiment, this gorgeous medieval platformer has fully embroidered animations
    25. Spooky fishing sim Dredge lays out plans for a passive mode, paid DLC and more
    26. Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode feels like a token distraction from its awesome arcade fights
    1. How to open red chests in Star Wars Jedi Survivor