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Everything that happened at the Humble Games Showcase 2023

Celebrating three years of Humble Games

It’s time for another Humble Games Showcase, and this year the company is celebrating its three-year anniversary as well as spotlighting its newly refreshed publishing roster. This year, we got to see a special behind-the-scenes interview montage of the cast from David Gaider’s musical game Stray Gods as well as six new indie games for us to look forward to. We’ve listed everything that was announced at the show, so feel free to have a leisurely scroll through. Here’s everything you missed from the Humble Games Showcase 2023.

Wizard Of Legend is getting a follow up

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The action roguelike released back in 2018 is getting a sequel, aptly named Wizards Of Legend 2. This follow-up is being developed by Children Of Morta’s Dead Mage but will have supervising guidance from the game’s original devs, Contingent99. Wizard Of Legend 2 looks to be very much in the same vein as the first game - fast-paced spell-casting combat - but it’s also had a 3D glow-up and will also now support 4-player online co-op. Nice!

#BLUD is a new cartoony, demon slaying dungeon crawler

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I’m not the biggest fan of the name, but I love love love the 2D animation in #BLUD. The great visuals don’t come as a surprise when you know that developers Exit 73 are also an animation studio too, with #BLUD being their debut game. This vampire-slaying RPG has you play as Becky Brewster, a highschooler who spends the day fretting about homework and friends and the nighttime slaying demons. From the look of the trailer, #BLUD looks to be bursting with humour and fun; one to keep an eye on for sure.

Breeze In The Clouds is a cutesy platformer where you play as a brawling corgi

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The second game to be funded by the Black Game Developers Fund, Breeze In The Clouds is a fighting, platforming game where you play as an adorable corgi. The pupper, Breeze, discovers that they have newfound weather-based powers, and you’ll be using these new abilities to fight pollution creatures that are choking the world with their poisons. I like the idea of a word’s central theme being weather orientated, and who can say no to brawling as an adorable corgi? No release date for Breeze In The Clouds as it’s still early in development.

A behind-the-scenes look at Stray Gods, out August 3

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We already know that Stray Gods: A Roleplaying Musical is out on August 3, so this segment of the show was a little BTS look at the live show Humble put on in LA, spliced with some interview snippets of the cast. I feel like I’m the conductor for the hype train of this game, and after seeing everyone who’ll be lending their voices to the game’s cast of singing Greek gods it’s full steam ahead.

Supraland: Six Inches Under is coming to consoles

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The next game in the Supraland series, Supraland: Six Inches Under, is now available on console. This doesn't really concern us PC folk though, becasue it's been out on PC since January 2022. This miniature sandbox is a metreoidvania with puzzles to solve, areas to explore, and - in classic Supraland fashion - plenty of jokes and humor. If you like games that treat you like you’re a toddler with a 2-second attention span, then you might wanna get in on the Supraland series. Supraland: Six Inches Under is available to play right now over on Steam.

Bō: Path Of The Teal Lotus is a action platformer inspired by Japanese folklore

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A debut game from Squid Shock Studios, Bō: Path Of The Teal Lotus looks gorgeous. It’s an action-platformer with Japanese folklore inspirations, which, I mean, we’ve seen so many games with the same inspirations already - but after watching the trailer I really like what Bō is going for. It pulls from many different types of Japanese art, including woodblock prints, ink brush paintings, and origami. I’m a major sucker for pretty games, so we’ll have to wait and see how Bō: Path Of The Teal Lotus turns out when it eventually releases. No date on that front yet, though. Check out the game's Steam page for more info.

Cataclismo is a darker new game from the Moonlighter devs

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From the creators of Moonlighter and The Mageseeker is Cataclismo a tower defense, real-time strategy game and it looks like Digital Sun is going a bit darker with this one. Seems humanity is on its last legs, as Cataclismo casts you in the role of warriors who have left the ‘Last City’ on a mission to build new fortresses. You then have to defend your creations against swarms of evil nasties. I like the darker tone that Digital Sun has gone for in Cataclismo, and I’m keen to see more of this strange medieval world.

Lost Skies is a new open world co-op with cool grappling hooks

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I love grappling hooks in games, so Lost Skies already has my attention with its co-cop grappling hook action. It’s a 1-6 player adventure with survival elements where you get to swoop and soar through a world filled with floating islands. You can craft your own kit and even build a skyship, which looks pretty cool from the look of the trailer. Another one with no release date, so better brush up your grappling hook skills or get used to plummeting to your death.

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