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Soulslike Lords Of The Fallen unleashes its dual worlds this October

Sequel, reboot, or Dark Souls 4?

Armoured warrior fights with a spell caster in Lords Of The Fallen (2023)
Image credit: CI Games

Soulslike RPG Lords Of The Fallen - previously The Lords Of The Fallen - is coming out on October 13th, an appropriately spooky date considering how many twisted monsters are on display. Halfway between sequel and reboot, this newest game is set a thousand years after 2014’s original game of the same name, and features all the dark fantasy tropes you love from the Soulslike subgenre. Take a look at the very metal gameplay reveal below.

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“The radiance of Mournestead withers” is such a great impersonation of Fromsoftware’s cryptic dialogue, it almost becomes a spoof. I’d quite enjoy that angle. Apart from that, everything you’d expect from a good Soulslike is here in full force: dodge rolls aplenty, monsters with teeth spurting out from every angle, and a tall figure that’s looks like Elden Ring’s Melenia if you squint enough. Seriously, are we sure this isn’t Dark Souls 4 in disguise? It looks quite good regardless.

The interconnected world is now split across two realms in an interesting twist. There’s Axiom, the brighter overworld full of ancient ruins and scenes of nature. Then there’s Umbral, the pitch-black underworld that’s stuffed with skeletal figures around every corner. Bones stretch out of the walls, hang off the ceilings, and previous trailers have our main protagonist scaling massive skeletal remains. It’s oddly beautiful, though. Together, both realms are supposedly five times larger than the original game.

Lords Of The Fallen has had a bumpy road to release. Originally announced as Lords Of The Fallen 2, the game has since switched developers twice before rebooting development and starting on what we see now. Our Lords Of The Fallen (2014) review was mostly mixed, saying that it “lacks the finesse and precision of its inspiration.”

Hopefully the new one fares better. Lords Of The Fallen releases October 13th on next-gen consoles and PC via Steam and The Epic Games Store.

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