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Lords of the Fallen reboot Lords of the Fallen is getting a sequel in 2026, probably called Lords of the Fallen

Third entry in the fantasy Soulslike series will be exclusive to Epic on PC

Armoured warrior fights with a spell caster in Lords Of The Fallen (2023)
Image credit: CI Games

Remember Lords of the Fallen? No, not that one. This one. Last year’s reboot of the 2014 game of exactly the same name - despite the successor originally being a numbered sequel, then at least having a ‘The’ at the start of its title to help tell them apart a little - will now get its own follow-up in a third Lords of the Fallen game. The upcoming sequel doesn’t have a name yet, but I really hope they stick with the bit and just call it “Lords of the Fallen” again.

Lords of the Fallen, Lords of the Fallen 3, The The Lords of the Fallen, Lords of the Fall3n or whatever they decide to call it, before undoubtedly rechristening it later on for maximum confusion, was revealed by a bit of paperwork filed by publishers CI Games and spotted by Polish financial outlet Bankier.

The paperwork filed on June 14th pertains to a partnership between CI Games and Epic to give the latter lifetime exclusive distribution rights to the game - currently referred to internally as Project 3. That means you can expect it to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store, though it’ll also release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The document also notes that CI Games expects to release Lords of tres Fallen sometime in 2026.

In our review, Ed found Lords of the Fallen (2023) to be a serviceable Soulslike waylaid by a litany of irritating issues - from an awkward camera to performance wobbles - that took away from its highlights, notably its dimension-hopping lantern mechanic.

Lords of the Fallen devs Hexworks laid off several of their team at the start of the year as part of redundancies across CI Games. Regardless, the studio have continued to support the game, capping off their patches targeting performance improvements and balancing with a final update that added a randomised New Game+ mode and Ironman modifier in April that together effectively turn the game into a roguelike.

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