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Chaotic deckbuilding FPS Friends Vs Friends comes out later this month

Come look at its delightful character selection screen

The tactical deck-building and chaotic shooting of Friends Vs Friends launches on May 30th, developers Brainwash Gang have announced. Think Neon White, but your handful of cards can blast pals away across beautifully stylish and dynamic maps. The RPS Treehouse has been excited about its multiplayer mayhem for a while, as Friends Vs Friends’ demo at PAX West was a heart-thumping good time. Treat yourself to the newest vibrant trailer below:

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On top of your shooty weapons, the handful of cards each correspond to different powers. You can summon inflatable walls to bounce bullets back at foes, enlarge an enemy's head to score easy headshots, or whip out a katana to block incoming damage like a stylized Genji from Overwatch. Over time, you’ll unlock new cards which you can then upgrade, adding a strategic twist as you prepare ahead of time.

The trailer is absolutely gushing with style and colour, though my favourite part was the character selection screen. Timesplitters: Future Perfect and its seemingly random roster still keep me awake at night, yearning for more zany creations in my shooters. Friends Vs Friends scratches a similar itch with some of the coolest anthropomorphic designs you’ve ever seen, even if it's missing zombie chimps and deadly gingerbread people. Look below, they’re practically dripping with cool:

Character selection screen featuring cool crocs, cats, dogs, moose and more, in a screenshot from Friends Vs Friends.
Image credit: Raw Fury

Contrary to the title, Friends Vs Friends lets you play matchmade games against strangers (who you can become friends with, in fairness). There are both 1v1 and 2v2 game modes. Training grounds against bots. Post-launch plans for more cards, characters, maps, and homebase upgrades. And no pay-to-win dribble. The full package.

Friends Vs Friends is coming to PC via Steam for £8.50/€10/$10 on May 30th. There’ll also be a further 40% launch discount to sweeten the deal, and console friendos can look forward to the game later this year.

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