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Our PAX West videos are now available to everyone

An interview with the cast of Team Fortress 2! A tour of the show floor! Game recommendations! More!

Last month, Rachel and I made the long pilgrammage to Seattle in order to attend PAX West 2022. While we were there we ran around the show floor with a bag full of loose camera equipment, stopping frequently to enthuse about cool video games we'd discovered or to interview someone interesting. At the time, all of these videos were only accessible to our premium supporters. However, as 30 days have passed since we originally shared them, we're now making them free for everyone to enjoy. Surprise!

From an interview with the voice cast of Team Fortress 2 to a comprehensive tour of the show floor, there's something for everyone in this bundle of audio-visual delights. Scroll down to see what we got up to, and remember, if you like what you see please do consider funding content like this via our supporters programme. It truly means an awful lot.

PAX West 2022 show floor tour

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Our coverage began with a tour of the show floor, highlighting some of the incredible booths that were present at this year's show.

Gearbox tells us what's new in New Tales From the Borderlands

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Next, I had a chat with James Lopez, the director of production for New Tales From The Borderlands. We discussed how the game differs from the original, if anyone from Telltale has returned for the sequel and if there'll be any suprises awaiting series fans.

Friday daily round-up

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Exhausted already, Rachel and I sat down within a now empty showfloor to chat about our first day at PAX West. Topics included Randy Pitchford selling the literal shirt off his back at the Gearbox showcase (for charity, I hasten to add), our initial thoughts about New Tales From The Borderlands and what it's like to be back at PAX once again.

Hands-on with Souls-like fairytale Lies of P

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Rachel stumbled across a demo booth for upcoming Souls-like Lies Of P entirely by accident, and was excited to tell me all about this promising new release.

Ron Gilbert tells us about the pirate shenanigans in Return to Monkey Island

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After a wonderful panel that documented the history of adventure games, Rachel had a brief chat with Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert about the (then upcoming) next installment in the series, Return To Monkey Island.

Saturday daily round-up

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Before we ran off to grab an enormous pizza, Rachel and I chatted about what we got up to on our second day at Pax West. We discussed a bunch of games (including Writer's Block and Mina The Hollower) as well as the excellent Team Fortress 2 voice cast panel.

We chat with Brainwash Gang about their chaotic deck-building FPS Friends Vs Friends

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Friends Vs Friends was already my favourite thing announced at this year's Gamescom, so I was thrilled to finally get my hands on it at PAX West. This multiplayer FPS didn't disappoint, and neither does Rachel's chat with one of the game's developers.

The cast of Team Fortress 2 reminisce about the FPS's lasting legacy

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My personal highlight, I sat down with the voice cast of Team Fortress 2 to discuss the game's legacy 15 years after its original release.

Sunday daily round-up

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Dead to the world at this point, Rachel and I sat down once again to chat about our third day at PAX. We discussed Demonschool, Friends Vs Friends, Wanted Dead and our Team Fortress 2 voice cast interview.

Our top highlights from the showfloor

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Before I boarded my plane, Rachel and I reminisced about our favourite moments from PAX West 2022.

And with that, we bid farewell to PAX West 2022. We had a brilliant time, something I hope is clear from the videos above. Thanks once again to our supporters, without whom these videos would never have existed in the first place. For more RPS@PAX goodies, make sure to check our dedicated hub.

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