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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Koboh Grinder puzzle walkthrough

If you're finding the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Koboh grinder puzzle to be a rocky experience, we have a crystal clear solution for you.

Are you stuck on the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Koboh Grinder puzzle? The Koboh Grinder puzzle takes place in the Devastated Settlement on Koboh, the largest of the planets in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It's a three-part puzzle which gives you access to one of BD-1's most unusual and powerful upgrades part of the way through, and forces you to learn how to use it quickly in order to reach the Grand Courtyard where the next part of your mission resides.

Good thing we have a guide right here to help you through the solution to this complex undertaking. Below we'll walk you through how to complete every part of the Koboh Grinder puzzle in the Devastated Settlement in Jedi: Survivor.

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The Koboh Grinder puzzle is really more like three separate puzzles. When you come to the Devastated Settlement Meditation Point, you can look out over the area. If you take a zipline across to the center island, you'll see something called Koboh matter blocking some thermal vents on the island. Once you return from your zipline excursion, you can climb up the platform to your right, where you'll encounter the first part of the Koboh Grinder puzzle.

Jedi Survivor Koboh Grinder puzzle walkthrough: Part 1

Here, you'll find an outdoor orb coupler, but it won't be doing much in this state. So, enter the crack in the cave wall and take care of the baddie who greets you, and then take a moment to look around the room. You'll see a spinning item that you can interact with ahead of you. If you look into the other room in the distance, you'll see a movable block and an orb coupler with an orb placed inside it, emitting a laser beam. If you look off to the left side of the room second, you'll see an empty orb coupler.

To complete this puzzle, do the following steps:

Cal places an orb in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Koboh Grinder puzzle.
  • Move the giant block towards the platform near the empty orb coupler. This will give you the boost you need to jump over the platform once you complete the next step of the puzzle.
  • Take the orb from the orb coupler and move it to the empty orb coupler on the side of the room.
  • Jump across the platform and then pick up the orb that you just placed and take it outside and put it in the coupler to produce a laser.
  • Point the laser at the top of the vent blocked by Koboh matter.
  • Once you use the laser to remove the Koboh matter, the vent will begin to work and you'll be able to take the glider over to the platform ahead and to the right.
The first outside orb coupler in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Koboh Grinder puzzle.

Jedi Survivor Koboh Grinder puzzle walkthrough: Part 2

Once you get on the ledge, you'll make your way into the building and cross a bridge that will drop you down into a fight against two Goroccos. The Goroccos are tough, but don't forget you can use your confuse ability to have one attack the other. From there, you'll notice several walls covered in Koboh matter.

Ahead, you'll see you can use your Force ability to break a hole that's in the wall ahead of you. Do this, and then use the orb off to the side of you and place it in the coupler in the hole in the wall you just revealed. This opens a secret door. Go into the secret room and turn to the right, where you'll earn something called a Koboh Grinder. The Koboh Grinder ability is a BD-1 ability, so you can use it by going into your BD-1 visor and pressing the prompted button to begin to make a trail of Koboh matter. Use it by pointing it at the endpoint of the laser and making a path to the large Koboh matter masses blocking certain areas.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Kobooh Grinder in action.

In this room, you'll create a path to the left and watch the Koboh matter wall disintegrate. This will reveal a jump wall, which you can then climb to leave the room.

For the next part of this puzzle, do the following:

Using the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Koboh Grinder to disintegrate a mass.
  • Move the orb you'd originally placed in the hole in the wall back to its original spot.
  • Use the Koboh Grinder on the laser endpoint to make a path to the right, which will disintegrate a mass of Koboh matter and reveal a grapple point.
  • Climb the wall.
  • When standing on the ledge, take the orb from ahead of you and place it into the coupler above the running wall.
  • Cross the running wall and again pick up the orb.
  • Take the orb outside to the second laser.
  • Use this laser to open up the vent from the second smoke stack.
  • Glide around and to the right again to the final platform.
The Orb coupler in the wall in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Koboh Grinder puzzle.

Jedi Survivor Koboh Grinder puzzle walkthrough: Part 3

Here, you'll clear some enemies, and then you'll enter the final puzzle section, which is essentially made up of three rooms, In the second room, you'll see an Koboh mass beneath a waterfall and an orb coupler. You can also look upward along the wall to see a large block, which is easy to miss. Then, go through the third room and pick up the orb. Note that it closes the door to the second room, giving you no way to get the orb out of the room.

The steps to solving this puzzle are as follows:

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Moving the block under the door in the third puzzle.
  • Grab the box from the second room and place it under the area where the door would close when you pick up the orb. This will force the door to stay open.
  • Pick up the orb in the third room and bring it to the second room coupler.
  • Notice that there's now a laser endpoint in the first room allowing you to use the Koboh Grinder. Unfortunately, if you try to go straight from the first room to the mass blocking your way, you'll find the Koboh Grinder won't get through the waterfall
  • Go to the end of the laser, use your Koboh Grinder, and create a path through the small crack you used to access the second room.
  • Continue the trail from the laser endpoint to the Koboh matter mass in the second room. This will cause the Koboh mass to disintegrate.
  • Take the orb you previously placed in that room and move it to the third outdoor coupler.
  • From there, you can point the laster at the final mass-covered smoke stack.
  • Use your glider to finish your descent, ending at the Grand Courtyard.
Using the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Koboh Grinder to create a path through the crack.

Congratulations! You've just completed the Devastated Settlement Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Koboh Grinder puzzle. For more info on how to conquer this beast of a game, you can find out all the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor stem canister locations and arm Cal with the the best perks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It may also help you to know what the best stances are in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. And if you're a treasure hunter, you'll want to see our guides to all Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Coruscant collectibles, all Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Shattered Moon collectibles, and all Star Wars Jedi Survivor Koboh collectibles. Good luck, Jedi Master. Now, go forth... you have a galaxy to protect!

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