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Star Wars Jedi Survivor recruits: Where to find everyone for Pyloon's Saloon

Here's where to recruit this oddball cast of characters for the greatest cantina in all of Koboh

Where do you find all Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recruits? The Pyloon's Saloon cast of oddball characters includes a fisherman, a researcher, a few friendly droids, and plenty of others who can turn a sad little dive into a party central. If you're looking for all Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recruits for Pyloon's Saloon, we have you covered to create a festive environment of Koboh-style booze, music, and maybe even a Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Holotatics game or two.

But, before we jump into it, you may want to familiarize yourself with the world around you using our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor walkthrough as a guide. And, since you'll be wandering around Koboh anyway, you might want to check out our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Koboh collectibles guide, too. It's also worth noting that some of these characters may initially be inaccessible because you haven't yet progressed far enough into the storyline to recruit them, so if that's the case, just return to them later in the game as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gives you plenty of reasons to explore the galaxy around you.

Who are the Pyloon's Saloon characters in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

In this walkthrough:

  • Zee - A friendly droid who plays an essential role in your journey throughout the game.
  • Toa - A researcher highly invested in the secrets deep within Koboh.
  • Ashe Javi and DD-EC - What kind of saloon would it be without a DJ duo rocking the greatest hits of the galaxy?
  • Skoova Stev - A fisherman who seems always to have a story to share.
  • T-1N8 - A droid with big dreams of becoming a surgeon.
  • Bhima and Tulli - This game dev duo wants you to test your skills with their newest project.
  • Pili Walde - This gardening green thumb will help you grow the finest plants on Koboh.
  • Caij - A mysterious character who wants your help taking a few creeps out of Koboh.
  • Pit Driod - This adorable droid is upset it got its ship stuck in tar... wonder if there's a way you can help them out?
  • Jawas - They're still not gonna show you what they look like under those hoods.
  • Zigg and Wini - This swamp-dwelling duo need your help.
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You'll also come across a few other Pyloon's Saloon guests such as Turgle, Mosey, and Moran. It's great to chat with them, but since you'll come across them as part of the main story and you don't have to do any actual recruiting to get them there, we won't add 'em to this list. (We do love our Turgle, though.)

Zee (ZN-A4)

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recruit Zee the Pyloon's Saloon.

Zee is among the first recruits to Pyloon's Saloon. You'll find her in the smuggler tunnels below the saloon, and she's unmissable as she's part of the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Duality puzzle solution. She's worth mentioning, however, as she can decrypt the datadiscs you find throughout Koboh in exchange for rewards. Just note that there will be a campaign segment where she won't be available, but this doesn't mean she's out of the game for good.


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recruit Toa speaks to Cal about her research.

Toa is important to find as she helps you discover and access the Jedi Chambers throughout Koboh. She'll give you what you need to find locations such as the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Clairty, the Chamber of Detachment, the Chamber of Connection, and the Chamber of Conviction.

You'll find her as part of the main storyline on Koboh. She'll be hanging out in the Basalt Rift region and will introduce herself as a researcher when you stumble across her enroute to the Forest Array. Once you return to the Saloon, she'll give you the rumors and insights needed to find and complete the Jedi Chambers.

Ashe Javi and DD-EC

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recruits Ashe Javi and droid collect sounds in Koboh.

To find this DJ duo, head to the Harvest Ridge area of Koboh. They're in the lower area of this map section as part of a rumor called Find the Musician and their Droid. If you're confused, follow the stream around until you see a watermill in the distance. You'll find them right there, sampling the sounds of Koboh.

Skoova Stev

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recruit Skoova Steev hangs out in front of the fish tank at Pyloon's Saloon.

You'll first encounter Skoova Steev in Foothill Falls on Koboh, right outside the Rambler's Reach Outpost, though you may not be able to access the area until later in the game. Find him by leaving the main entrance of Pyloon's Saloon and heading right. From there, follow a trail to a zipline, where you'll encounter him at the top. He'll then head to the cantina to assess the fish tank, where you'll find him the next time you enter. However, as you wander around Koboh, you'll find Skoova Steev at 12 total locations. When he's nearby, you can be sure there's also a fish type to add to your Koboh fish collection.


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recruit T-1N8 hangs around outside of the canteena.

T-1N8 has one of those sad character backstories that make the non-droids among us want to cry. Near where you found Skoova, you'll take a glider across a canyon. Fight some baddies and then pop into a nearby shack to explore it and clear out more enemies. Once inside, you'll find the lonely droid. You'll tell them that you've defeated the raiders and that it's safe for the droid to leave. You'll later find T-1N8 near a building just outside of Pyloon's Saloon where she'll tell you that her owners haven't been around for some time and that you should take whatever you find in the abandoned building. You'll learn about how they plan to use their mechanical skills to become a surgeon, which is what they decided they wanted to do after the terrible tragedy resulting in their owners' deaths.

Bhima and Tulli

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recruits Bhima and Tulli stand around their game, Holotactics.

This is the duo behind Holotactics, a fun strategy mini-game you'll get to play once you've recruited them to hang with your pals at Pyloon's Saloon. You'll find these folks as part of a rumor titled Locate the Odd Pair, which you can pick up from Moran at the bar.

The rumor will point you to Boiling Bluff, and while there's a Meditation Point in the area, you may need to journey there from somewhere like Fort Kah’lin if you haven't already found the Boiling Bluff Meditation Point. However you choose to get there, make your way to the area until you hear some voices asking for help. A Nekko can help you pop up to an elevated platform, where you'll face an angry Mogu. Win this battle to talk to the duo and learn about their game presently in development. Head back to Pyloon's Saloon to join them and play Holotactics to win prizes - what's not to love?

Pili Walde

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recruit Pili Walde hangs out at her new garden space in Koboh, on the roof of Pyloon's Saloon.

Your search for Pili Walde takes you to Jedha, where you'll encounter her as part of the Reach Pilgrim's Sanctuary step in your journey. Pili is a gardener who will help you upgrade your garden on the roof of Pyloon's Saloon. You'll find her alone on a plateau in the Blistery Mesa. She's just off on a main path in the area, alone in a cavern corner. You won't have a rumor to guide you here, but you'll most likely come across her naturally as part of this mission. When you find her, she tells you she simply wants a cozy spot to grow her planets. You'll direct her to Pyloon’s Saloon in Koboh and grant her access to the rooftop garden. There, she'll manage and maintain the gardening space, and with her help, you'll later unlock additional gardening abilities.


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recruit Caij appears intimidating.

The Aussie-accented Caij is one of the sassiest characters in the game. She essentially wants you to become the bounty hunter of bounty hunters and is willing to reward you if you bring her Bounty Pucks. You might even encounter her at the pub before you recruit her, but she doesn't have time to mess with the likes of you... yet.

However, as you play through Chapter 3 of the storyline, you'll find yourself facing the bounty hunter Korej Lim in the Stone Spires region of Koboh. Caij will witness the battle and then offer to reward you for taking out more bounty hunters along your journey. Visit her at Pyloon's Saloon to exchange bounty pucks for rewards... and to hear a few sassy remarks.

Pit Droid

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recruit the Pit Droid is worried about its stuck ship.

You'll meet this adorable Pit Droid soon after you land on Koboh in the Gorge Crash Site as you approach Rambler's Reach. Unfortunately, you won't be able to help this poor fella whose ship is stuck in the tar, as you don't yet have the Lift ability you need to help them out.

You'll gain Lift in Chapter 4. Once you have it, return at any point to the Gorge Crash Site Meditation point and follow the path back to the tar pit. As the pit droid looks on at their ship, lift that bad boy out of the water to recruit your new droid bud, making sure you snag the upgrade on the unstuck ship before you head out.


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recruits the Jawa look on with interest.

In the Rambler's Reach Outpost, you'll encounter a grumpy fellow who will tell you about a Jawa outpost, which will become a rumor titled Check on the Jawa Settlement. You'll then head to the Bygone Settlement Meditation Point. Here, you'll have to run, grab, and climb your way through do reach the main area of the settlement.

You need to use your Lift and Slam Force abilities to navigate the pathway, anDashDash ability. Once you reach the giant fan, use your Dash to move past the airflow. Follow the paths around until you encounter the Bedlam Raiders harassing the Jawas. After that, you'll have no way to progress until you talk to a friendly Jawa, who can help. Continue through the course, including a minor platforming area requiring you to push and pull some hanging cargo boxes to complete the path. You'll have completed this recruitment effort when you speak to a Jawa and suggest they stop by the outpost if they need any supplies.

Zigg and Wini

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recruits Zigg and Wini hang out in the swamp.

At a certain point in the game, Monk over at Pyloon's Saloon will tell you about a rumor that involves helping Zigg in the swamp. You'll eventually encounter these Zigg and the droid Wini in the Viscid Bog on your way to the Lucrehulk, where you'll learn that Wini has lost her dataslate with all her interior design ideas. However, you won't be able to help her until you've earned the Lift and Slam Force abilties.

Once you have these abilities, you'll note a pillar in the area you can lift, though it will slowly sink back into the bog. You'll be able to lift it and, if you move quickly enough, you'll be able to reach the top of it and use it to reach a climbing wall that leads to an elevated platform on the same swamp island where you find the duo. You'll find the dataslate on top of this platform, though it won't be in great condition and you'll have to return to your pals to break the bad news. This will recruit to the canenta, though the character is more of a friendly face than an actual, helpful NPC.

Once you manage to bring all the recruits to the cantena and surrounding areas, you'll earn an achievement called Max Capacity. Plus, the cantena will pop off for all those Holotactics games you'll most certainly play.

If you're a true achievement hunter, you're well aware there's much more to explore in this game. In your efforts to 100% it, you'll want to check out our guides to the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Alignment Control Center puzzle solution, how to open to the door Vashtan Wolfe's lair, and, of course, how to open the door in Pyloon's Saloon.

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