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Jedi Survivor: How to solve the Alignment Control Center puzzle

How to solve the puzzle with the seven terminals

Confused about the Alignment Control Center puzzle in Jedi: Survivor? It's an odd one, I'll give you that. The Alignment Control Center is one of the many regions of Koboh, the largest planet in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It's found directly beneath the Untamed Downs, accessible through the door in the central rock on the side facing Rambler's Reach Outpost.

Inside the Alignment Control Center, around the Meditation Point, is a semi-circle of 7 terminals, all with red screens - at least to begin with. The aim is to turn all 7 terminal screens green so you can access the opposite terminal and get a very powerful reward for your efforts. But how do you solve the Alignment Control Center puzzle? Read on to find out.

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How to solve the Alignment Control Center puzzle in Jedi: Survivor

To complete the Alignment Control Center puzzle in Jedi: Survivor, you need to complete all the Meditation Chamber puzzles across Koboh and pick up all the relevant Perks scattered across the planet. Each screen represents the completion status of one of the Chambers. If one of them is green already, it's likely the result of you having already completed the Chamber Of Duality with Zee, as this is the only Chamber that forms part of the main story. The others are optional and must be sought out to complete the puzzle.

Look closely at the terminal screens in the Alignment Control Center, and you'll see wireframe pictures of various parts of Koboh representing the locations of different Meditation Chambers. Here's the full list of Chambers you need to complete:

  • Chamber Of Duality (Pyloon's Saloon, Smuggler's Tunnels)
  • Chamber Of Clarity (Untamed Downs)
  • Chamber Of Fortitude (Southern Reach, Corroded Silo)
  • Chamber Of Detachment (Mountain Ascent)
  • Chamber Of Reason (Basalt Rift)
  • Chamber Of Connection (Viscid Bog)
  • Ambidexterity Perk (Devastated Settlement)

Here are all these locations on the map:

You may notice the final place on the list isn't a Meditation Chamber. For reasons unknown, the last terminal screen corresponds to a Perk which isn't housed inside a Chamber - although it does require a bit of puzzle-solving within the Devastated Settlement to get there. Once you pick up the Ambidexterity Perk, the corresponding terminal in the Alignment Control Center will turn green as usual.

What's the reward for completing the puzzle?

Once you complete all six Meditation Chambers (and get the Ambidexterity Perk from the Devastated Settlement), return to the Alignment Control Center Meditation Point. With all seven terminals glowing green, you'll finally be able to turn around and have BD-1 slice the terminal on the opposite side of the Meditation Point, overlooking the window into the central chamber.

Completing the Alignment Control Center puzzle and slicing the final terminal will give you a map upgrade that shows the exact locations of all undiscovered upgrades and essences across every planet in Jedi: Survivor. It's an extremely handy upgrade for completionists and those who just want to get Cal as powerful as humanly (or Jedi-ly) possible. And well worth the effort of completing all of Koboh's Meditation Chambers!

That's all there is to the Alignment Control Center terminals puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. If you want help hunting down all the collectibles elsewhere in the game, check out our guides on Coruscant collectibles, Koboh collectibles, and Shattered Moon collectibles. We've also tracked down every last one of the Jedi: Survivor Stim Canister locations for you, as well as a handy guide on the best Perks in Jedi: Survivor so you can figure out which of all your newfound Perks are the best to take into battle.

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