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The best Honkai: Star Rail Natasha build

Learn how to build Natasha in Honkai: Star Rail

Natasha mixes vials of a bright green concoction in her home medical laboratory in Honkai: Star Rail. A robot shaped like a giant clawed hand sits in the background.
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What is the best build for Natasha in Honkai: Star Rail? Natasha is one of Honkai: Star Rail's surprisingly large roster of free characters. Unlocked partway through the first post-prologue story chapter, Natasha is notable for being the only free character who acts as a healer, and in fact she's the only 4-star healer in the game at launch.

A good Natasha build is, therefore, a very good thing to have in Honkai: Star Rail, unless you're the sort of daredevil who likes riding out every combat encounter with just the health points your party turned up with. So read on for our best Honkai: Star Rail Natasha build advice, including relics, light cones, and more.

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Honkai: Star Rail best Natasha build

Natasha path and element

The cornerstone of Natasha's build is her affinity with the path of Abundance, allowing her to heal herself and her teammates with her skill and ultimate moves. Her Physical elemental alignment allows her to inflict Bleed on enemies when she goes on the offensive, which is useful for dealing damage to them over time, but it's her healing powers that you'll want to build up first and foremost.

Best light cone for Natasha: Time Waits for No One

  • 4-star alternative: Post-Op Conversation

If you want to go all-out and equip Natasha with a 5-star light cone, Time Waits for No One is the top choice. It grants base increases to Natasha's max HP (18%) and outgoing healing (12%). After healing an ally, on their next turn a random enemy they target will incur extra Physical damage to the tune of 36% of the amount of healing Natasha dealt to that ally.

For something a bit more modest, a number of 4-star Abundance light cones work well with Natasha's build. Runner-ups include Shared Feeling and Warmth Shortens Cold Nights, but for a definitive pick, Natasha's canonical equipment Post-Op Conversation works the best. It increases the outgoing healing from Natasha's ult by 12%, and also boosts her energy regeneration by 8%.

Best relics for Natasha: Passerby of Wandering Cloud

Luckily for Natasha, there's a relic set in Honkai: Star Rail at launch that specifically supports healer builds. Equip her with for pieces from the Passerby of Wandering Cloud set to boost her outgoing healing by 10% (activates after two pieces), and to add an extra skill point to the party's pool at the beginning of a combat encounter.

Now that you've got your healer build sorted, why not check out our Honkai: Star Rail character tier list to see who else you might like to add to your party? For some F2P-focused inspiration, check out our best Honkai: Star Rail March 7th build for advice on putting together effective 4-star shield support with one of the game's starting characters.

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