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Honkai Star Rail: Where to go after Jarilo-VI

How to vote during An Invitation Without Proffer

What should you do in the Navigation Meeting in Honkai: Star Rail? Honkai: Star Rail may be best known for its turn-based battles and large roster of playable characters, but there is actually a story going on as well, and at times you can't ignore it. One of those times is during the Navigation Meeting at the end of the Jarilo-VI storyline, which locks you — the player — into the Astral Express's Parlor Car and won't let you leave until you've finished having an important conversation with your crewmates.

One reason for this urgency is that there's going to be a vote on where the Astral Express heads to next, and your input is required. This has all the trappings of an important branching choice, and you might be wondering what the best decision to make is. Read on below for everything you need to know to decide how to vote, but of course beware spoilers for HSR up to the very end of the Jarilo-VI storyline!

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What is the destination vote in Honkai: Star Rail?

At the end of Honkai: Star Rail's Jarilo-VI story chapter, you'll find yourself back on the Astral Express unable to leave until you've completed a quest called "An Invitation Without Proffer". Without going into story spoilers, suffice to say that the crew are left with a choice of destinations, and are divided over where to go next.

Welt and Himeko have the Xianzhou Luofu in mind as their next destination, while Dan Heng and March 7th are equally keen to avoid it. That leaves your Trailblazer to cast the deciding vote.

After talking to your crewmates for a while, you'll receive the quest step "Return to the Parlor Car and vote for your destination". This is where you'll make your decision by choosing one of three dialogue options.

March 7th, the female Trailblazer, and Dan Heng face Welt and Himeko (who have their backs to the camera) in the parlor car of the Astral Express. Himeko is explaining the rules for the navigation meeting vote.
Image credit: HoYoverse / Rock Paper Shotgun

How should you vote?

Minor spoiler alert, but your vote won't actually affect the outcome. March 7th suffers a last minute change of heart and ultimately sides with Welt and Himeko against Dan Heng, meaning that regardless of whether the Trailblazer votes for or against (or attempts to abstain), the Astral Express will be heading to the Xianzhou Luofu as its next port of call.

Yes, this is an entirely false choice. Despite your freedom to roam around unlocked areas of the map, HSR's main story is quite linear and you complete its chapters in order. You might have guessed this already, since Jarilo-VI and the Xianzhou Luofu are the only two post-prologue destinations in the game in Version 1. But maybe you're reading this guide from the future when there are loads of places to explore in Honkai: Star Rail, in which case, to reiterate: rest assured, this dialogue choice has absolutely no impact on the game.

Well, that was an anti-climax, but neverthess you do now know where you ought to head after leaving Jarilo-VI. For more Honkai: Star Rail guides on RPS, be sure to check out our Honkai: Star Rail codes page and Honkai: Star Rail banners page for all the latest news and goodies.

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