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Next Honkai Star Rail Banner schedule: Featured characters in Version 1.2 and beyond

Learn all about the 1.2 and 1.3 Banners, including Kafka, Blade, and Imbibitor Lunae!

Himeko and Stelle look at the camera in the Parlor Car of the Astral Express in Honkai: Star Rail.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/HoYoverse

Looking for details on the next Honkai: Star Rail Banner? Warp Banners are the key to expanding your character and weapon collection in Honkai: Star Rail. Banners act like loot boxes in some ways: you can spend your Star Pass currency to "Warp" for exclusive characters and high-end Light Cone weapons.

Head to the Warp screen in Honkai: Star Rail and you'll see a selection of Banners that you can use to "Warp" in new characters and items. The really important one is the limited-time Character Event Warp Banner. Every 3 weeks, a new Character Event Banner appears to replace the old one, bringing with it a different selection of 5-Star and 4-Star characters that you can obtain. Some of these characters can only be obtained through these Character Event Banners, so if you want them, you'll need to Warp them in before the current Banner disappears and the next Banner arrives!

Stay updated with the current and next Banner in Honkai: Star Rail with this comprehensive guide on all past, present, and future Warp Banners in the game.

In this guide:

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Next Honkai Star Rail Banner schedule

Kafka looks at the camera with a smile in Honkai: Star Rail.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/HoYoverse

Honkai Star Rail 1.2 Banner details

Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.2 was released on July 19th, 2023, with Phase 1 featuring the banner debut of new 5-Star character Blade, as well as drop rate boosts for Arlan, Sushang, and Natasha.

Phase 2, live since August 9th, introduces two new characters — 5-Star Kafka and 4-Star Luka — as part of the former's debut Character Event Warp: Nessun Dorma. The other featured 4-Star characters are Sampo and Serval.

1.2 Banner new characters:

Character Rarity Element Path
Blade 5-Star Physical Destruction
Kafka 5-Star Lightning Nihility
Luka 4-Star Physical Nihility
The Banner art for Imbibitor Lunae in Honkai: Star Rail v1.3.
Image credit: HoYoverse

Honkai Star Rail 1.3 Banner details

No official release date has been given for Honkai: Star Rail 1.3, but given the usual six-week schedule we can expect it to release around August 30th 2023. The leaked information and rumours for Honkai Star Rail's 1.3 Banner are similarly unconfirmed, but we have an idea of who we can expect to Warp thanks to a recent Banner schedule leak on the HonkaiStarRail_leaks subreddit.

According to this leak, the featured characters for the 1.3 Banner will be Fu Xuan and Imbibitor Lunae - also known as Dan Heng IL, or Dragon Dan Heng. Imbibitor Lunae's existence was later officially confirmed on the Honkai Star Rail twitter. Exciting stuff! Here are the details we have so far on these upcoming characters.

1.3 Banner characters:

Character Rarity Element Path
Fu Xuan 5-Star Quantum Preservation
Imbibitor Lunae 5-Star Imaginary Destruction

Next Banner Light Cones

While new character Banners arrive every 3 weeks, the Brilliant Fixation Light Cone Banner is permanent. However, whenever a new character Banner arrives, the pool of possible Light Cones that you can Warp in the Brilliant Fixation Banner will update to reflect the currently featured characters. And whenever a new character is introduced with a Banner, a new 5-star Light Cone is almost always added to the Brilliant Fixation pool.

It's important to fit the right Light Cone with the right character. All Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail have a special Light Cone ability which only works if you pair it with a character of the same Path. Put a Harmony Light Cone on a Destruction character, for example, and they won't be able to benefit from that Light Cone's special ability. They will, however, still gain the basic stat bonuses of having that Light Cone equipped.

Thanks to recent (albeit unconfirmed) leaks, we now know several of the Light Cones coming with the next Honkai: Star Rail Banners:

Light Cone Banner Character Path Ability Source
The Unreachable Star 1.2 Blade Destruction Increases Max HP and Crit Rate by X%. When wearer takes damage or uses their own HP for an attack, increases DMG of next attack by X%. Link
Patience Is All You Need 1.2 Kafka Nihility Increases the wearer's Break Effect by X%. Each time the wearer casts an attack, increases speed by X, up to X stacks. Additionally, target enemies have a 100% chance of sustaining damage over time. Link
Light Brighter Than The Sun 1.3 Imbibitor Lunae Destruction Increase Crit Rate of the wearer by X%. When the wearer casts a Basic ATK, they will gain 1 stack of [Dragon's Chant], which lasts for X turns. Each stack of [Dragon's Chant] will increase the wearer's ATK by X%, and energy regeneration by X%. [Dragon's Chant] can only be stacked up to a maximum of X times. Link
Already Closed Both Eyes 1.3 Fu Xuan Preservation Increases Max HP and increases Max HP of allies. The increase value is equal to X% of wearer's Max HP. When entering battle, restore HP equal to X% of lost HP to all allies, and increase effect hit resistance of all allies by X% for X turns. Link

We hope to hear more soon with the 1.2 livestream on July 8th, but until then, this is all the information we have to go on. We'll keep this page updated as more details arrive!

Current Honkai Star Rail Banner: Nessun Dorma

The main characters of Honkai: Star Rail, including both the male and female versions of the Trailblazer, superimposed upon a background of planets and spacecraft.
Image credit: HoYoverse

The current Honkai: Star Rail Banner features new 5-star character Kafka, a Lightning/Nihility character exclusive to the Nissun Dorma banner. She's joined by new 4-star Luka, as well as Sampo and Serval.

Unlike Kafka, these 4-star characters won't be exclusive to this Banner, although Luka is temporarily exclusive until the next version update. In the meantime, however, they all receive a drop-rate boost: any time you pull a 4-star item or character from this Banner, there's a 50% chance that it will be one of the featured trio.

The current Honkai: Star Rail Banner is the Phase 2 Banner for Version 1.2, and will end on Tuesday August 29th. It will be replaced by the Phase 1 Banner for Version 1.3, which is expected to launch the following day.

See below for full details on the characters with increased drop rates on the current character event Banner:

Character Rarity Element Path
Kafka 5-Star Lightning Nihility
Luka 4-Star Physical Nihility
Sampo 4-Star Wind Nihility
Serval 4-Star Lightning Erudition

Current Banner Light Cones

As with the current Character Event Warp Banner, the current Brilliant Fixation Banner will finish on Tuesday August 29th. The currently featured Light Cones in this Banner are as follows:

Light Cone Signature Character Path Ability
Patience Is All You Need Kafka Nihility Increases DMG dealt by the wearer by 24%. After every attack unleashed by the wearer, the wearer's SPD increases by 4.8%, stacking up to 3 times. If the wearer hits an enemy target that is not affected by Erode, there is a 100% base chance to inflict Erode on the target. Enemies afflicted with Erode are also considered to be Shocked and will receive Lightning DoT at the start of each turn equal to 60% of the wearer's ATK, lasting for 1 turn.
Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat Luka Nihility When the wearer hits an enemy and if the hit enemy is not already Ensnared, then there is a 60% base chance to Ensnare the hit enemy. Ensnared enemies' DEF decreases by 12% for 1 turn(s).
Eyes of the Prey Sampo Nihility Increases the wearer's Effect Hit Rate by 20% and increases DoT by 24%.
The Birth of the Self Herta Erudition Increases DMG dealt by the wearer's follow-up attacks by 24%. If the current HP of the target enemy is below 50% of Max HP, increases DMG dealt by follow-up attacks by an extra 24%.

Honkai Star Rail Standard Banner: Stellar Warp

March 7th leans in very close to the point-of-view character's face in her introductory scene in Honkai: Star Rail, while Dan Heng looks bemused in the background of the shot.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/HoYoverse

Stellar Warp is the Standard Banner in Honkai: Star Rail. Unlike the other Banners which are replaced every three weeks or so, the Standard Banner is permanent and always available for your Warps.

Every 10 Warps with the Standard Banner gives you a guaranteed 4-star or 5-star character or Light Cone; and every 90 Warps gives you a guaranteed 5-star character or Light Cone.

Here are all the characters you can get from the Standard Banner:

Character Rarity Element Path
Bailu 5-Star Lightning Abundance
Bronya 5-Star Wind Harmony
Clara 5-Star Physical Destruction
Gepard 5-Star Ice Preservation
Himeko 5-Star Fire Erudition
Welt 5-Star Imaginary Nihility
Yanqing 5-Star Ice Hunt
Arlan 4-Star Lightning Destruction
Asta 4-Star Fire Harmony
Dan Heng 4-Star Wind Hunt
Herta 4-Star Ice Erudition
Hook 4-Star Fire Destruction
March 7th 4-Star Ice Preservation
Natasha 4-Star Physical Abundance
Pela 4-Star Ice Nihility
Qingque 4-Star Quantum Erudition
Sampo 4-Star Wind Nihility
Serval 4-Star Lightning Erudition
Sushang 4-Star Physical Hunt
Tingyun 4-Star Lightning Harmony
Yukong 4-Star Imaginary Harmony

Honkai Star Rail Departure Warp Banner

The final Banner worth talking about in Honkai: Star Rail is the Departure Warp Banner, which is only available to new players and disappears after you've made 50 Warps on it.

What's special about the Departure Warp Banner is that you get a 20% discount on the cost of a set of 10 Warps, and you're guaranteed a 5-star character somewhere in those 50 total Warps for that Banner.

The characters you can pull from the Departure Warp Banner are exactly the same as you can get from the Standard Banner, so you can view them using the table above.

All Honkai Star Rail Banners list

To help you keep track of when your desired character or Light Cone last appeared in the gacha, here is the full list of all past and current event Banners featured in Honkai: Star Rail:

Banner 5-Stars 4-Stars Version Start Date End Date
Nessun Dorma Kafka Luka, Sampo, Serval 1.2 (2) August 9th, 2023 August 29th, 2023
A Lost Soul Blade Arlan, Natasha, Sushang 1.2 (1) July 19th, 2023 August 9th, 2023
Laic Pursuit Luocha Pela, Qingque, Yukong 1.1 (2) June 28th, 2023 July 18th, 2023
Contract Zero Silver Wolf Asta, Dan Heng, Serval 1.1 (1) June 7th, 2023 June 28th, 2023
Swirl Of Heavenly Spear Jing Yuan March 7th, Sushang, Tingyun 1.0 (2) May 17th, 2023 June 6th, 2023
Butterfly On Swordtip Seele Hook, Natasha, Pela 1.0 (1) April 26th, 2023 May 17th, 2023

Knowing what's going on in Honkai: Star Rail's gacha is all well and good, but knowing how to manage your currencies is equally important. Check out our Honkai: Star Rail currencies guide to help you learn your Stellar Jades from your Oneiric Shards. Happy Warping!

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