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Bridge-building puzzler Poly Bridge 3 is out now

Mini Ultrahand

A pirate ship crosses under a bridge while an airborne ship flies above it in Poly Bridge 3
Image credit: Poly Bridge 3

Poly Bridge 3 offers up more puzzles about building bridges with goofy physics, and it's out now. The third entry follows a similar formula to the previous ones, asking you to help vehicles cross gaps from one side of the map to the other, all while constructing normal bridges, loop-de-loop bridges, drawbridges, and bridges that break everything I thought I knew about physics. All sorts of bridges; it’s in the name.

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Bridge-building has been the core of every game in the series, but Poly Bridge 3 also adds an open-world campaign, which I assume lets you tackle levels in any order you fancy - though the trailer certainly points to several biomes, so there’s probably some visual consistency between levels that are close together. Either way, there are over 150 new levels this time around. Plenty of opportunities to relax and/or pull your hair out with the game, then.

This threequel also adds a new material to support long bridges, pre-built materials to help you get through tricky puzzles, and build zones that help you toughen up challenges. The game supports mods too, so you can create and share your own vehicles, decorations, and obstacles to play with.

Aside from the new additions, Poly Bridge 3 seems to retain all that was good in the others. You slowly start to grapple with the construction tools, the in-game logic, and the way the physics work. After relaxing with the first few puzzles, you’ll soon be on the verge of tears while watching an unstable bridge topple over for the hundredth time. Claw out some creative brain cells and you'll have a fun time, though.

Poly Bridge 3 is available to buy now on Steam for £20, and there’s currently a nice -10% introductory offer available for the next week.

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