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Prehistoric farming sim Roots Of Pacha returns to Steam following a rights dispute

Stone Age still has a few more years left

Prehistoric pixel people gather under a large tree to celebrate a wedding in a screenshot for Roots Of Pacha
Image credit: Soda Den

Two weeks ago, the up-and-coming farmlife sim Roots Of Pacha was pulled from Steam following a rights dispute between the publisher Crytivo and developer Soda Den. The prehistoric Stardew-like has now returned to storefronts after both parties agreed to “amicably part ways under conditions that are mutually beneficial.”

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The game was originally delisted on Valve’s storefront following a dispute “over the rights.” Soda Den had claimed that the publisher unexpectedly pulled the game from Steam, meanwhile, Crytivo responded that the removal was part of Valve’s policy when it came to these kinds of disagreements. According to Crytivo, the developers had abruptly moved to “unilaterally rescind the contract we had worked under for three years” a few days after a successful launch, kickstarting the disagreement. Both parties have now split and squashed the issue, though.

“We are happy to share [that] we have reached an agreement and that Roots Of Pacha has been restored to Steam for all to purchase,” reads a shared statement posted on Twitter. “We would also like to share that Crytivo and Soda Den have made the decision to amicably part ways under conditions that are mutually beneficial.”

Soda Den will continue to work on the game and plan to release a post-launch roadmap in the next week.

That’s good news for those of us looking for more remixed versions of Stardew Valley’s crop-growing, life-simulating, chills vibes formula. Roots Of Pacha takes that blueprint back to the Stone Age and was apparently one of the best Stardew successors in recent times thanks to an interesting setting, a colourful tribe of characters, and some prehistoric weirdness seen in the embedded trailer above.

You can grab Roots Of Pacha on Steam and The Humble Store for £22/$25/€25.

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