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Retro RPGs meet the world of pro wrestling in WrestleQuest, releasing this August

Take turns powerbombing

Wrestlers fight in a ring surrounded by snowy woods in a screenshot from WrestleQuest
Image credit: Skybound Games

The world of pro wrestling slams into an SNES-era RPG with WrestleQuest, which now has a release date of August 8th. Inspired by the older Final Fantasies and Dragon Questies, you’ll be engaging in turn-based brawls and running around in magical pixel realms. But unlike those games, you’ll climb the wrestling ladder from fresh-faced rookie to world champ - instead of the usual RPG trope where you go from a village’s rat-killer to the universe’s god-killer. Watch WrestleQuest’s latest trailer below:

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You might have recognised some of those tiny pixel people since WrestleQuest features real-life wrestling icons - from André The Giant to Randy “Macho Man” Savage - who you can meet, fight, and then summon in combat. Those turn-based fights get some extra flare with something called the hype-metre, which measures the audience’s enthusiasm while you’re in the ring. Repeat too many moves; they'll get bored and buff your enemies. Take advantage of tag-team combos and such; they’ll be entertained.

Rachel interviewed the developers from Mega Cat during this year’s PAX East where the team talked about exploring pro wrestling culture as a whole, rather than just the flashy ring fights you might see on the telly box. That includes some “hard to discuss” subjects such as substance abuse, although the old-school RPG zaniness is still intact with wild monsters, unreal worlds, and over-the-top fight moves.

All your usual RPG bits are here too, which includes levelling up, managing a spandexed party, and helping out strangers with side quests.

WrestleQuest comes out on August 8th for PC via Steam and The Humble Store and consoles. There’s also a free demo available to try out now. August happily looks like a fun time for turn-based throwbacks between this and Sea Of Stars.

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