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Star Wars Jedi Survivor story explained

The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor story takes players on a wild ride

What is the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor story? If you want to know what happens in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor but don't have the time to play through it, you're in luck! Here, we break down the basics for an overview of this wild ride through a galaxy far, far away.

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There's a lot of ground to cover in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor story, so we're going to break it down into chapters and outline the main parts.

Spoilers ahead, but you knew that already.

In this guide:

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
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    Chapter 1: Cal arrives in Coruscant

    Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes place five years after the events of Jedi: Fallen Order. Cal Kestis, the game's protagonist, has been captured and is taken to the Senator on Coruscant. But actually, it's all a ploy - Cal wants access to some military intelligence, and he staged his own "capture" so the Senator would bring him right to it. Cal's droid, BD-1, frees him as he prepares to take on his enemies in Coruscant.

    Cal Kestis arrives in Coruscant in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor story.

    Cal's new associate Bode Akuna is part of this ploy, posing as an enemy but secretly working with Cal's team, which also consists of a few others working for Saw Gerrera. Once Cal and the team access the data from the Senator, he sees a map showing there are Imperial forces "everywhere."

    Cal Kestis and Bode Akuna in Coruscant in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor story.

    Then, the Ninth Sister, who made a memorable appearance in the last game when Cal cut off her hand, surrounds Cal and Cal's team as the Senator demands her help. But instead, she's upset with the Senator for "harboring a traitor" (presumably Bode) and immediately kills him, along with most of Cal's crew.

    Here, Cal gives the Ninth Sister, who uses the dark side of the Force, a chance to return to the light. She refuses, however, and Cal defeats her in combat. Cal and Bode manage to escape, but Cal's ship, the Mantis, is damaged. As the Empire's most wanted criminal, it seems there are few safe places for him to get it fixed, so he opts to drop by and visit his friend Greez down on Koboh.

    Chapter 2: Cal heads to Koboh

    On Koboh, Cal makes his way to Pyloon's Saloon, though not without a scuffle with the Bedlam Raiders. Led by Rayvis, the Raiders are out to get a fellow named Turgle who sold them a fake device. Cal stands up for Turgle, and after Cal defeats one of the Raiders, Rayvis chooses not to engage with Cal and leaves him to go reconnect with Greez at Pyloon's Saloon.

    Greez at Pyloon's Saloon in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

    Greez invites Cal to set up shop and then directs him to a smuggler's tunnel where he might be able to find the part he needs to repair his ship. However, the ground gives way, and Cal and BD-1 fall into a Jedi Chamber, where they free Zee, a friendly droid who has apparently been stuck there for a long time. Through a flashback, Cal can see that a woman named Santari Khri used to own the droid. She wiped part of Zee's memory but left her with a tuner device. The tuner looks suspiciously like the fake device Turgle sold Rayvis, indicating it must be valuable.

    Cal rescues Zee in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

    In the flashbacks, Santari tells Zee to head to the Forest Array, where Santari tells her she'll find a key to Tanalorr, noting "If you do not hurry, I fear it will be lost forever."

    Zee explains that Tanalorr is a secret location hidden within the Koboh Abyss, making it difficult to both find and access. She asks Cal to help her fulfil her duty, so Cal heads to the Forest Array to find Dagan Gera trapped in a bacta tank, who, through more flashbacks, Cal learns is a High Republic Jedi who had a close relationship with Santari. Notably, at some point between these flashbacks and the present day, Dagan lost an arm.

    Dagan Gera stands with Santari Khri in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor story.

    Through these flashbacks, Cal also learns that Santari and Dagan found Tanalorr together and wanted to use the location as a haven to train young Jedi so they would be safe from the threats of the Empire. However, in the Tanalorr flashback, Santari and Dagan are interrupted when the two face an attack from marauders called the Nihil.

    Cal releases Dagan, soon learning that Dagan betrayed the Jedi Order because they didn't want to follow suit with his plans for Tanalorr and refused to counterattack the Nihil. He turns his lightsaber crystal red, signalling his turn to the dark side of the Force, and attacks Cal - eventually escaping as Rayvis comes to his aid. It turns out the two were working alongside one another, and Rayvis was likely seeking the tuner specifically so he could release Dagan.

    Cal recruits Greez to join him on the Mantis, and the two head to Jedha to find Cere Junda, who they hope can offer some direction.

    Chapter 3: Travels through Jedha

    On Jedha, Cal reconnects with Merrin, and the duo traverse the desert lands while facing dust storms and enemies. Cal eventually reunites with Cere, and also meets Eno Cordova, who is a Jedi Master and was Cere's master. He was also BD-1's original owner, and it's a surprise that he's alive as many presumed him dead. It seems he was actually in hiding on Jedha all along.

    Cere, meanwhile, is on Jedha to restore the Jedi Temple Archives and has also founded the Hidden Path to help shelter Jedi and Force-sensitives from the Empire. The location on Jedha is intended to be a safe house, with the entire operation hidden from the eyes of the Empire.

    Cal sits next to Merrin by the fire on Jedha in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor story.

    Chapter 4: Repairing the devices

    Now armed with some understanding of how best to proceed, Cal heads back to Koboh and to the Shattered Moon to collect some High Republic devices to bring to Eno to study and repair. He returns to Jedha alongside Bode and the rest of the crew.

    However, they soon learn the Empire's forces are searching for the safe house, though it's unclear how they know about its existence. Cal and Merrin rush to Pilgrim's Sanctuary to ensure Brother Armias's safety. Upon their arrival, Brother Armias hands over some contact codes that cannot fall into the Empire's hands and moments later is killed by the Empire's onslaught. Amid this sequence, Merrin kisses Cal and protects him from danger by giving him her charm, indicating her strong feelings for him. They then return to the Archive.

    Eno has successfully repaired the devices, and it appears Santari created a compass to guide people to Tanalorr. The group also learns there was a Jedi Temple on Tanalorr, but the Order abandoned it during a conflict with the Nihils. However, through more flashbacks, Cal discovers Dagan wanted to defy the Order and fight for Tanalorr. In the end, it was Santari who cut off his arm and placed him in the bacta tank to prevent him from taking the compasses and heading to Tanalorr in defiance of the Order.

    Cal returns to Koboh with the contact codes only to find that the Bedlam Raiders kidnapped Zee. Cal and Bode head to the Lucrehulk, where the enemy forces are holding her. While Cal is on the Lucrehulk, Rayvis steals the tuner from Cal at Dagan's order. Cal soon finds out that Dagan wants to use Zee to activate the Forest Array and Rayvis is "oath-bound" to Dagan and will be free from him once these tasks are complete. Cal finds Zee but must fight Dagan, and Bode arrives to assist in this battle. However, Dagan still manages to retreat with the tuner.

    Chapter 5: Deception

    After defeating Dagan, the crew must travel to the Shattered Moon to track down Rayvis and attempt to retrieve the compass he has in his possession. He reveals the compass location before Cal defeats him in battle, and Rayvis goes down honorably in combat after submitting to Cal.

    Cal then returns to Koboh and makes his way to the Observatory to obtain the compass. Here, he faces a final battle against Dagan, and ultimately triumphs. With Dagan defeated and Cal in possession of a broken compass to Tanalorr, Cal realizes they can use Tanalorr as a place to protect the Jedi and Force-sensitives, making it a refuge for the Hidden Path and the Archive.

    Eno repairs the compass, but there a sudden a surprise twist: Bode is a secret agent for the Imperial Security Bureau. Bode kills Eno and takes the repaired compass for his own use. And there's one more twist: Bode is also a Jedi.

    Bode Akuna shoots Eno Cordova in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor story.

    Soon after, the game shifts to Cere's perspective as she does her best to protect the archives. Here, she encounters Darth Vader, who has been behind this entire Imperial assault. It's a brutal fight, and ultimately, Cere succumbs to Vader. Cal finds Cere and is devastated. This anger and upset begins his flirtation with the dark side.

    The team figures out that Bode's tracker is still active, and Merrin, Greez, and Cal follow him to Nova Garon, an Imperial base. Here, Cal learns the truth about Bode. He was a Republic Jedi working undercover during Order 66, but when the Empire found out his secret, they killed his wife. He made a deal with them to keep his daughter, Kata, safe, forcing him to become a double agent for the Empire to infiltrate the Resistance. It's his fault the Empire destroyed the Archives and and Cere is dead, not to mention the fact that he killed Eno in cold blood.

    Bode stands with his daughter, Kata in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor story.

    It becomes apparent the Nova Garon excursion is a trap, and that Bode wanted Cal to destroy the base and all of its intelligence so he could take his daughter to Tanalorr, where she would be safe. Bode is adamantly opposed to using Tanalorr as a place to train Jedi because, in his mind, the Empire would most certainly find out about it, and that would put his daughter in jeopardy. With his plan in mind, Bode escapes to Tanalorr.

    Greez, Cal, and Merrin soon discover another way to Tanalorr, which involves lining up the arrays at the Alignment Control Center on Koboh. Cal does this, and they take off to the game's final location. It's difficult for Greez to navigate the abyss, so Cal uses the Force to guide them through.

    In Tanalorr, Cal must fight Bode at the abandoned Jedi temple while Kata tries to comprehend what's happening. While Cal gives Bode one more chance to repent, Bode chooses not to and instead tries to fire a shot at Cal. But, his blaster malfunctions, allowing Cal to shoot Bode instead, taking his former friend's life in front of Bode's own daughter.

    Cal defeats Bode in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor story.

    Merrin addresses the child, and Cal and Merrin have a funeral for Bode, Cere, and Eno. In his mourning, Cal promises to build something on Tanalorr that will outlast the Empire. A vision of Cere then appears to Cal, and she says, "Guide her through the darkness," presumably indicating not only will Cal struggle with the darkness as we've already seen, but that Kata will struggle as well.

    That's the entire story of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Whether you want to know what happens but haven't had time to play, or you've played but are unsure how all the pieces come together, we hope you now have a better undertanding of the brilliant story in Respawn's newest action-adventure game.

    And, if you're about the jump into the game but read through this because you don't mind spoilers, be sure to check out our guides to the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor best skills and the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor best stances so our team can help you on your journey.

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