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This 60% wireless mechanical keyboard from Cooler Master is down to £49.98

A great price for a Will-approved mechanical keyboard.

It's rare to see discounts on compact keyboards, and rare to see discount on wireless keyboards, but today we're got a cracker on a mechanical keyboard that is both compact and wireless. It's the Cooler Master SK622, a gaming-optimised 60% design that offers low profile switches, a UK layout (with optional RGB backlighting) and the flexibility of wired (USB-C), Bluetooth and lower-latency 2.4GHz wireless.

The CM SK622 retailed for over £100 back in the day, but now it's available for half-price: £49.98. That's an awesome deal for any mechanical keyboard, much less one from a name brand with wireless connectivity!

I'm a big fan of these Cooler Master keyboards, having testing a fair few over the years - if not this exact model. Their wireless connectivity is reliable, the keyboards themselves are well made, and being mechanical you can swap out the keycaps, resolder broken switches and generally have a keyboard that can last for decades - which is nice.

You also get the ability to press as many keys on the keyboard as you want simultaneously and have them recognised - at least when wired; over wireless the minimum is having six keys recognised at the same time which is plenty for most single-player use cases.

One thing worth knowing about the SK622 is based around its 60% design, which means that a lot of extra keys are relegated to a Function layer. This means that you can still press keys that are rarely used in games (eg Fn + 5 to get F5), although it's not quite as convenient.

The advantage to this isn't necessarily obvious - yes, you get a more portable keyboard, but more importantly it also changes the way you position your arms. Instead of keeping your mouse hand out wide as with a full-size keyboard, you can keep your arm more in line with your body, reducing the strain on it. Combine this with a vertical mouse and you can see a huge increase in comfort - pretty cool stuff.

I think that just about does it for this one, so do check out the deal and let me know what you think in the comments below. I'll be back with more PC deals, that are hopefully of interest to you, in the near future!

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