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Chicory: A Colorful Tale and Planet Of Lana are coming to Game Pass this month

While Lawn Mowing Simulator and Floppy Knights are leaving

Artwork depicting Chicory and the main player character from Chicory
Image credit: Finji

May marks the beginning of summer, the end of spring, and National Paper Airplane Day. Oh, and another fresh batch of Game Pass comings and goings. The rest of this month welcomes a few gems (Chicory: A Colorful Tale and FIFA), and bids farewell to others (Europa Universalis and FIFA).

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Here’s everything coming to Game Pass for the rest of May:

  • FIFA 23 (Today - PC and Console)
  • Eastern Exorcist (May 18th - PC and Console)
  • Ghostlore (May 18th - Console)
  • Planet Of Lana (May 23rd - PC and Console)
  • Cassette Beasts (May 25th - Console)
  • Massive Chalice (May 25th - Cloud and Console)
  • Railway Empire 2 (May 25th - PC and Console)
  • Chicory: A Colorful Tale (May 30th - PC and Console)

Definitely a few highlights here, but I’ve got my sights set on the painterly puzzler Chicory. In her Chicory: A Colorful Tale review, our Katharine said it “strikes hard at what it actually means to be creative, celebrating its joyous and fulfilling highs while also tackling its (sometimes literally) monstrous lows.”

I’m also very excited for Planet Of Lana, which drops onto Game Pass the same day it launches. Planet Of Lana borrows a page from Studio Ghibli’s illustrious book, giving us a windswept alien world to jump around in and a cute monkeycat pet to bond with. May’s earlier offerings were hit-and-miss, though. Time-bending shooter Quantum Break returned to PC after a brief hiatus, meanwhile, the middling Redfall and fairytale slasher Ravenlok joined the service for the first time.

Newcomers mean new leavers, sadly. Here’s what’s leaving Game Pass on May 31st:

  • Europa Universalis (PC)
  • Evil Genius 2: World Domination (PC and Console)
  • FIFA 21 (PC and Console)
  • Floppy Knights (PC and Console)
  • Lawn Mowing Simulator (PC and Console)

You can check out the Xbox Wire post to see what Ultimate perks you might be entitled to. Elsewhere in Game Passland, pirates still sailing around Sea Of Thieves can begin the new Hoarder’s Hunt mystery now, meanwhile, Age Of Empires 2 launched its massive Return To Rome throwback expansion today.

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