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Join us for the next RPS Game Club liveblog this Friday

Come and chat all things Citizen Sleeper with us on June 2nd

A cyborg does some soldering inside a busy apartment room with a cat in artwork for Citizen Sleeper
Image credit: Fellow Traveller

Ssssh, listen, I know today's the last day of May and I've scheduled this month's RPS Game Club liveblog for a day in June, of all things, but I'm away travelling at the moment and won't be back until late tomorrow. There's a chance I could be back tomorrow afternoon, but my flight was delayed coming out and I want to be absolutely sure I'm near a desk with a solid internet connection rather than trying to chat to you all on my phone, so Friday it is. Anyway! Enough about my travel woes. Come and join us for the next RPS Game Club on Friday June 2nd at 4pm BST / 8am PDT to come and chat all things Citizen Sleeper with us.

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We'll be chatting about our favourite moments from the game, the best/most heartbreaking quests we did, the bits we *ahem* messed up slightly (ie: a lot), and we might even get into just how much we'd dig a completely mushroom-based economy in real life. I love a good Portobello, for instance, but would I try and brew my own liquor from it? I'm not so sure. But don't tell Tala that, though. As far as she's concerned, my Sleeper loved her homebrew shroom drink.

So bring your questions and your own spore-y anecdotes, and we'll have a great time. To help get you in the mood for it, too, here's a quick recap of the extra words we've written about Citizen Sleeper this month, as well as our review from when it came out last year. See you there!

Ankhita, a stranded mercenary, asks the player character in Citizen Sleeper if they want to earn a chit

Citizen Sleeper review

In his Citizen Sleeper review, Brendan (RPS in peace) called it "a swish sci-fi RPG full of decent folk and just the right amount of scum." He also said it was a "stylish machine with a gooey human heart" at the centre of it.

The player talks to Lem and Mina, a shipyard working and his daughter, in Citizen Sleeper

Citizen Sleeper is perfect for visual novel novices

Ed's not much one for reading lots in video games, but with Citizen Sleeper and its gentle list of tasks he's found a way into a genre he might not have visited otherwise.

A man and a robot enjoy stir-fried mushrooms with a cat in Citizen Sleeper
Image credit: Fellow Traveller

Citizen Sleeper's DLC has taught me total failure is sometimes inevitable, and that's okay

Katharine's attempt at playing Citizen Sleeper's first DLC episode Flux did not go down very well, but you know what? That's okay. Honestly.

A Citizen Sleeper character collage of The Sleeper, Sabine and Emphis
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Fellow Traveller

Why Citizen Sleeper’s cast of interstellar nobodies matter

Rachel's love for Citizen Sleeper's rag-tag cast of nobodies and the sense of community they share is a sentiment she wants to see done more in games.

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