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This claymation game makes me deeply uncomfortable so of course I need to play it

Elation For The Wonder Box 6000 looks horrifying

I feel like claymation has always been a bit creepy, you know? Yeah, sure the Aardman films are whimsical and fun, but have you seen those early Wallace and Gromit shorts? There’s something kind of unsettling about the odd shape of Wallace’s uneven head and I've always deeply hated that you can sometimes see the subtle lines of a thumb imprint on parts of his face, like he’s been smothered inbetween the pads of two giant fingers. It’s so uncomfortable - and don’t even get me started on that monster Morph.

Ever since I first spotted the creepy Twitter gifs of claymation game Elation For The Wonder Box 6000, I’ve felt that same discomfort in the pit of my stomach. It’s not out yet, or even has a confirmed release date, but I just need people to witness this game. Like, just clicking through the screenshots make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. It’s awful, and wonderful. You can watch the trailer below. The bit where the lumps of clay wriggle inside the gun's bullet chambers goes through me.

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The Steam page gives some insight into what you'll be doing in this nightmare world. Your goal is to find a copy of Elation for a console called the Wonder Box 6000. It's a game that released in your youth, but no one else seems to remember it. Characters are compiled from strange, contorted lumps of clay with dark holes for eyes and a slice from something sharp as a mouth. The industrial metropolis you explore is equally as surreal. Grey boxes balanced on top of each other form residential buildings, with power stations and electrical towers peeking out the background. There’s what at first glance looks like a tin shed but is actually a repair shop.

Here are two quotes that have further sold me on playing: “Meet various wastoids , sleazoids, and paranoids” - whatever those are - and “God (or GOD, or god, or G.O.D.) is real, and the citizens of the city aren't all in agreement as to what they're up to.”

So yeah, Elation For The Wonder Box 6000 looks kinda cool (and horrifying) and you can check out the game’s Steam page here.

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