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Screenshot Saturday Mondays: Tuesday Edition

Admiring more upcoming indie games

Look, I know I'm already running late on a series I revived only last week, but Monday was a bank holiday so we're reconvening later than usual to admire screenshots and clips of upcoming indie games. This weekend, my eye was caught by a rocketjumping skeleton, a little guy of meat, and some very nice clours.

Just a little guy in this adventure game (which I think doesn't yet have a name?):

Megastructure mountaineering game Lorn's Lure has such a mood:

An appealing hands-on inventory in first-person shooter _gossMAT:

Call me basic, but I can't resist a skeleton rocketjumping in Enchain:

I have no idea what Colorfiction is working on, but I dig it:

I have no idea what this is either, other than lovely:

Even outside the trenches, World War 1 survival horror game Conscript looks dreadfully claustrophobic:

I like the 2D/3D style and soothing sound of anime boyband JRPG Full Circle:

Good to see experiments, like feeling out interesting obstacles for multiplayer parkour game Chase Rush:

It's not technically part of Screenshot Saturday, so consider this peek at Duke Smoochem 3D's astonishing chronicle of modern English society to be a bonus:

What caught your eye this weekend, reader dear?

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