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Xbox tease a Fable announcement ahead of showcase

Fable's Horizon?

Fairy creature stares down at a rusting sword in the Fable reboot trailer
Image credit: Xbox Game Studios

Xbox’s official social media channels seem to be teasing something to do with Fable. The main Xbox channel posted a clip to Twitter that moves through a house, following a glittery trail from a controller to a monitor displaying the Xbox Games Showcase art. The Fable games used sparkly breadcrumb trails as a waypoint of sorts and the clip also had some jolly fairytale music on top, leading many to guess that the long-dormant series would finally rear its head again.

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Here’s that tease:

A nightmare to hoover up, for sure. Comparisons between the music above and Fable’s soundtracks are easy to hear, though, just listen to this Oakfield track and see what I mean. What great nostalgia. Speculation should always be taken with a grain of salt, but surely it’s time for some Fable news, right?

A new Fable game is in development at Playground Games - the UK-based studio behind the brilliant Forza Horizons. We last saw the project three years ago at Microsoft’s Not-E3 show, so another peek at the cheeky fantasy RPG is probably overdue. The series’ original team at Lionhead were shut down shortly before Microsoft went on a spending spree and bought several other studios, including Playground Games.

Another possibility could be some sort of Fable collection or remaster to tide fans over until the new one’s ready. The original trilogy of games always followed the same loose formula, initially casting you as a young person who’s forced into a life of adventure. You then chose to become either a hero or a villain, stabbing people for good or for evil reasons. There was also a heavy dose of (sometimes silly) humour that ranged from chicken-kicking tournaments to bullying ancient doors. I loved them and would be happy with anything Fable-adjacent at this point.

Microsoft were also maybe teasing Psychonauts 3 over the weekend. But we’ll need to wait until the Xbox Games Showcase airs on June 11th before we see any answers.

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