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Xbox might be teasing Psychonauts 3 on Twitter

Or nought

Raz smiles against a colourful background in Psychonauts 2
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Xbox Game Studios

A tweet from the Xbox Australia and New Zealand account might - might! - be teasing Psychonauts 3. That's the conclusion of much of the internet, anyway. The tweet features a picture of a noughts and crosses board (aka tic-tac-toe) in which the letters for PSYCHO are written in pink and interspersed with three green Xs.

Psycho. Noughts and crosses. Three Xs. You can see where they're coming from.

Here's the tweet:

"What does it mean?" asks the text above the image. "No please seriously, someone help us out".

Why would a sequel to Double Fine's Psychonauts be teased by an Xbox account dedicated to Australia and New Zealand? I have no idea. Double Fine are an American studio based in San Francisco, but I would not bet on social media marketing strategy being globally coherent or logical. Microsoft's not-E3 Xbox Games Showcase takes place on June 11th, which would be a good time to reveal some new games.

Alice liked the imaginative platformer sequel a lot in her Psychonauts 2 review back in 2021. It wasn't an easy game to make, as the recently released (and wonderful) 32-episode making-of documentary made clear. Having watched that, it would make sense to me that Double Fine would get to the end of the project and think, hey, we're set up to do this well now, let's just keep doing it well.

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That said, I can also imagine them going, hey, we've been working on this game for years and are sick of it, let's do something else. "Psycho XXX" could mean so many things. Maybe it's a sequel to 2000's first-person shooter Kiss: Psycho Circus? Those aren't crosses, they're... Peter Crisses?

As ever, take your rumour and speculation with a handful of salt.

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