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Psychonauts 2 is hiding the strangest mpreg easter egg

"Why am I pregnant?"-Raz

Double Fine's Psychonauts 2 is a game about infiltrating people’s minds to uncover the strange thoughts bouncing around their psyche. But in a game full of unusual sights and sounds, its weirdest moment comes in the form of a hidden mpreg video. Easter egg spoilers ahead!

The easter egg in question is a short storyboard animation of a pregnant Raz, in labour, being taken into hospital by the other Psychonauts. Fans began discovering it recently, rushing to Reddit to share their findings and theories that Adventure Time creator Pen Ward had something to do with it.

If you don't know what mpreg means, it refers to a genre of art or plot device (usually in fanficiton) depicting a pregnant man. The internet really has everything, doesn't it? Here's a video of it, captured in the treehouse today.

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To unlock the easter egg, you will need to return to the Hollis’ Hot Streak level after you’ve completed the main storyline. Enter the maternity ward, and travel along the mental connection nodes until you land on top of the entrance tunnel. When up there, you need to use Telekenisis to pick up a giant pen, and then throw it at the WARD sign on the roulette machine.

This is where Pen Ward's possible involvement comes in. Throwing the pen at the maternity ward sign... His name is Pen Ward... Sigh. Psychonauts 2 certainly knows how to give birth to a good pun. The Adventure Time creator is also thanked in the game's credits, and the voices in the easter egg video - which are not voiced by the main game voice actors - do sound like him, too. More than enough to get fan theories rolling.

If you’d rather keep pregnant Raz away from your eyeballs, I’ll give you a brief breakdown. The video shows Agents Ford, Mia and Sasha rushing a pregnant Razputin into labor.

“Laboto’s consciousness is about to erupt out of your psychic uterus!” is a phrase I did not expect to hear when I began playing Psychonauts 2. Ford also randomly shouts, “Mia, I need that clown makeup,” before the video cuts to Mia whisking something in a bowl. Agent Sasha then has Raz kiss a little piglet’s behind because “Laboto is almost defeated for good”.

Finally, the crew push through a pair of doors only to be met by the sound of a crying baby and a giant pig wearing a shower cap, with the text “Pregnant Raz opening is a great idea!” overlaid on the whole thing. After being kicked back into the main game, Raz says “Ugh, not that dream again!”

As of right now it's technically unconfirmed if Pen Ward actually had anything to do with this. We have reached out to PR representatives for official confirmation that the Raz mpreg video was created or voiced by him, but so far they have not responded to our highly important pregnant Raz query. It’s also worth noting that the easter egg is reported by some players to be bugged on PS4 – and by extension PS5.

Unbelievable mpreg secrets aside, Psychonauts 2 is great. In her review, Alice explained that the game “approaches serious themes more thoughtfully” and the “exploration and platforming was both more of a delight and a challenge.”

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