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Screenshot Saturday Mondays: Neon nights and horrible squiggly beasts

Admiring more attractive and interesting indie games

A lurid pink & red first-person view of driving in Bahnsen Knights.
Image credit: LCB Game Studio

Every weekend, indie devs show off current work on Twitter's #screenshotsaturday tag. And every Monday, I bring you a selection of these snaps and clips. The difficulties of writing a column reliant upon a collapsing platform continue to be felt in a week when the #screenshotsaturday tag became overrun with spambots, but the games still shone through. This week, my eye was caught by colourful driving experiences in run 'n' guns and visual novels, multiple terrible squiggly beasts from horror games, a cute N64-style platformer, and lots more attractive and interesting indie games. Come see!

An intense little teaser for the next game from the studio behind Steel Assault:

I didn't really enjoy the demo of the first Pixel Pulps game, Mothmen 1966, but the visual novel series is certainly striking:

Honestly, I think immersive sim Etos might be breaking video game laws by building a turret which actually knows how to hit you:

Applying this sort of electrical arcing effect to horrible tarbeast strands is cool:

While we're at it, enjoy another terrible stringy beast:

And why do I get the feeling this guy might soon have something horrible to show us? Either that or he's Venom Snake:

And, I guess Attack On Wendigo has one solution to all those terrible beasts:

To cleanse your palate, a refreshing dive in N64-style platformer Cavern Of Dreams (coming to Steam):

I dig this "walking sim esque stuff [. . .] set in weird post-apocalyptic setting" from a dev whose dayjob is level design on Space Marine 2:

The "free-form, momentum-based platformer" Buzz (coming to Itch) seems a game we'll need to have in our hands to really understand but I'm curious:

Finally, a game captures the anime violence of Friday night scraps outside the pub on my street:

Not this anime violence though, this has more cool posing than we can summon:

And let's close on big moves in fighting game Fight.EXE (earlier demo available on Itch):

What else caught your eye this weekend, reader dear?

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