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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Path of Conviction puzzle solution

Jedi: Survivor's Path of Conviction is a toughie, but we're here to walk you through the solution

What is the Star Wards Jedi: Survivior Path of Conviction puzzle solution? The Path of Conviction is a tricky puzzle, and it takes a good amount of brainpower to solve. But if you don't have all day, no worries! We're here to help you solve this challenging puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which also requires tests of speed and skill. However, you're definitely going to want to solve it, as it you'll get something very special once you complete this puzzle along with the Path of Persistence and the Path of Restoration puzzles on Jedha.

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How to find the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Path of Conviction

The first challenge of this puzzle is actually finding it. Note that there's no way to complete this puzzle until you've unlocked the upgraded ascenscion cable, which you'll get from pursuing bad guy Rayvis on the Shattered Moon. That makes this a rather late-game activity, so don't be surprised if you stumble across it but can't figure it out early in the game.

To get to this puzzle, you'll want to fast travel to the Narkis Desert Arid Flats Meditation Point. From there, hop on a spamel and follow the pathway ahead of you from where you emerge at the Meditation Point. This will lead you directly to the Path of Conviction. You'll know you're in the right area when you see two grapple balloons ahead of you. From there, climb up the ledge to your right, and you'll see another grapple balloon, which will guide you to a wall you can climb. At this point, you will emerge at the puzzle.

The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Path of Conviction holomap location.

Star Wars Jedi: Path of Conviction puzzle solution

Once you get there, it will be helpful for you to get a lay of the land. From where you first step on the ledge, You'll notice a sphere on a track in the wall to your left (we'll call this "A"), one ahead of you on a pathway that is out of alignment due to a horizontal track plate ("B"), and a sphere on a track higher up and to the right ("C"), which is inaccessible. You'll also notice a grapple balloon in the center of the area. If you look ahead and upward, you'll also see a vertical track plate that appears out of alignment.

A diagram of three sphere locations in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Path of Conviction puzzle solution.

Moving each of the spheres performs a specific action when moved. Your job is essentially to figure out the correct order of the actions, and then to ensure you complete them in quick enough succession where needed. This will lead B onto the vertical pathway, which will in turn allow you to access the Path of Connection reward.

Moving sphere A will shift the horizontal track plate ahead of you, effectively unblocking B's path. However, when you move A, the track plate only stays shifted for a brief moment. The steps required for the first part of this puzzle are as follows:

  • Move A, shifting the wall plate and sphere track ahead of you.
  • Use the balloon to grapple toward B.
  • While the the plate is in its shifted position, move B. Note that this will also cause a platform to emerge near C. This platform will disappear if you move B out of its current position.

Once you have completed these, B should be at the far right side of its track, directly underneath C.

A diagram of sphere locations in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Path of Conviction.

The second part of this puzzle is a bit tricker and requires some dexterity. The newly-formed ledge near C allows you to access and move that sphere, temporarily shifting the vertical panel on the wall ahead of you.

Essentially, you need to get B from its position to the track with the vertical plate while the vertical plate is in a position for B to propel itself to the top of area. This requires shifting both the horizontal plate and the vertical plate, allowing B to snake its way through the course and make a single trajectory to complete its path to the top.

So, how do we do this? It amounts to a quick succession of actions:

  • Move A, shifting the horizontal panel.
  • Use the grapple balloon to make your way to the newly-revealed platform by C.
  • Move C, shifting the vertical panel.
  • Drop down from the platform to a platform below you, by B.
  • Move B.
  • Use the grapple balloon to make your way to the left side of B's track, which is by B's original starting position.
  • B should be inside the horizontal wall panel, which is returning to its position in alignment with the top track that leads to the top of the area. Once the track is aligned, move B.
  • If you've done this quickly enough, you'll have moved B while the vertical plate is still properly aligned, allowing B to roll to the top of the area. If you are too slow, the vertical panel will return to its original position and you will need to try again as B will be blocked and unable to make its ascent.
Sphere B travels vertically in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Path of Conviction puzzle.

At this point, you've solved the toughest part of the puzzle. However, you still need to make it to the top of the area to claim your reward. If you're solving this puzzle later in your playthrough, you may have already created a zipline shortcut from B's starting point directly to the reward area. If not, you simply have to go around the mountain, use the grapple balloons to move past the cave entrace, defeating some baddies along the way, and then grapple to a jumping wall that will allow you to reach the top.

Defeat more enemies, listen to the Sense Echo as desired, move the sphere in the track ahead of you, and watch a transformation take place before revealing an essence that will grant you a new perk slot. And, with your fancy new perk slot, you may want to check out our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor best perks guide to determine the best way to make use of it.

Cal Kestis attatins the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Path of Conviction perk slot.

That's everything you need to know to solve the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Path of Conviction puzzle. As long as you're poking around Jedha anyway, you might want to check out our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Jedha collectibles guide. Or, since you seem to love a good puzzle, you could also check out our guide covering the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Alignment Control Center puzzle solution, which activates something pretty dang cool.

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