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RPS premium supporters get access to Park Beyond's closed beta this week!

If you can dream it, you can build it

Any premium supporters who're missing out on a good theme park sim may have cause to rejoice this week, as the good folks at Bandai Namco have given us a blast of codes to give away for fantastical theme park 'em up Park Beyond's upcoming closed beta test, starting this Friday, May 5th. Park Beyond is not just a complex theme park management sim, or a physics-ish coaster builder (although it is both of those), it's also an anti-physics weird-ride expando-game, allowing you to unlock increasingly unrealistic upgrades for rides in a process the developers Limbic Entertainment call "impossification". Deets on how to get your code for the closed beta below.

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I've done a few previews of Park Beyond now (maybe I've been playing the beta build of it this week, who can say? Certainly not me. What a weird suggestion, where did you even come up with that idea?) and am a bit more impressed each time with the detail in both the tools to build giant health and safety violations of coasters, complete with e.g. cannons that fire the carts, and with the design of the parks that said affronts to the laws of nature are operating in. If, unlike me, you're good at the planning and meticulous design side of things, you can make lovely, properly themed theme parks, choosing from stuff like Wild West, Candyland, a sci-fi park... and you can build ones designed to appeal to different demographic groups, who want different things from rides.

Now, because you're a clever little sausage you'll have noted that this code is just for the closed beta, not for the full game. You can read a bit about it here, but basically this is test is to improve the final product, so it might not be completely without little errors here and there. You know what a beta is, you're smart.

Because you're extra smart and are an RPS premium supporter you get to access the CBT a few days early on Friday May 5th at 3pm BST, until Friday May 19th. That's a whole two weeks of trying Park Beyond out and building ridiculous theme parks. Make sure you've got your PC or phone ready to go on Friday at 3pm, because like always, these codes, provided by publisher Bandai Namco, are first come, first served until they run out.

Premium supporters can claim their code for Park Beyond's Closed Beta Test by logging in to their ReedPop ID and visiting the Codes page on their account. All you need to do then is copy that code and paste it into the "Activate A Product On Steam" window like you would with any other Steam code.

If you're not a Premium Supporter yet, but like the idea of making teenagers throw up and/or building a giant ferris wheel, you can check out the details and sign up here. You get access to ad-free browsing, extra articles, and fun key giveaways like this one.

For now, start planning how many loop-de-loops you think you can fit into one roller coaster. I'll be back on Friday to remind you to get ready for the code drop.

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