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Impossible theme park manager Park Beyond gets a closed beta test next month

And a less creepy new gameplay trailer

Theme park management sim Park Beyond is getting a new closed beta test, ahead of its full launch on June 16th. It’s a whacky-looking game that lets you build impossible rollercoaster rides that are just begging to be sued, all while you try to turn a profit running your park. The closed beta is completely free and begins on May 9th, so if you want a test ride, you can register at this link. In the meantime, publisher Bandai Namco have also released a new, more in-depth gameplay trailer, giving us a closer look at some of the minutiae involved in running a theme park.

Cover image for YouTube videoPark Beyond - Gameplay Trailer

The trailer is mainly focused on the business side of management, the crazy things you can do outside of the campaign, and its colourful cast of characters.

A highlight of the trailer, for me, was the terraforming abilities on show. Park Beyond is all about creating the impossible - as in, rides that would realistically kill the average human, either through unsafe designs or fever dream scares. Part of this so-called "impossification" comes from constructing rides with unreal loops, attached rocket launchers, or a ramp to send people flying with no rails whatsoever. The other impossibilities come from transforming the environment, allowing you to thread your rides through caves, holes in the terrain, and other such stuff. Thankfully, you can save your custom designs and paste them into future parks too.

Our Alice Bee went hands-on with the menacing roller coaster creation tools, calling it a “juiced up Rollercoaster Tycoon” that tries to juggle the businessy nuts and bolts management with the cool building kits. Although, Park Beyond's very unsettling Valentine’s Day trailer is probably scarier than any ride you can make in-game. Lay your eyes on it, if you dare.

Park Beyond will launch on June 16th for PC via Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles and will cost £40/$50/€50.

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