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Prefabs and ride sharing coming to Park Beyond alongside next month's Beyond eXtreme DLC

The first DLC and the 2.0 update are coming September 29th

Mecha dino roars over a theme park in a screenshot from Park Beyond's first DLC
Image credit: Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco have announced a substantial 2.0 patch and the first DLC pack for their rollercoaster management game Park Beyond, both of which are dropping on September 29th. Prefabs and ride sharing are the big new additions coming with the free 2.0 patch, alongside the option to discover other player’s creations across platforms. Countdown to fiding the first penis-shaped coaster starts now.

The game already encouraged designing borderline cruel rides that pushed health and safety regulations, but the upcoming DLC Beyond eXtreme takes things one step further with contraptions that shake punters around like a fizzy drink, among new maps, rides and scenery items. On a side note, I’ve thought the game’s previous trailers were quietly creepy and the latest is no different. Maybe it’s the playground jingle in the background, or maybe I’m just sensitive to enthusiastic announcer voices. Take a look.

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We can’t see too much from the Beyond eXtreme pack, although our brief peek reveals an inverted rollercoaster that’s sure to turn sweet cotton candy into pink-coloured puke. And there’s also tons of flames. And metal. Because those things are extreme! The rest of the pack includes two new missions and maps, two flat rides and entertainers, over 250 scenery items, and nine building prefabs. Season Pass owners will automatically get access to this DLC, plus the aquatic-themed Beyond Depth pack (coming next spring) and The Skies Of Arabia pack (coming next summer).

Cross-platform sharing feels like a natural addition to a game where you can painstakingly place trees and design the precise path of your coasters. Sin took issue with the game’s wonky performance in her Park Beyond review, but thankfully the patch also aims to improve that corner, while reworking visitor flow, revamping coaster construction, and improving modular building.

Elsewhere, Sin found the game to be a creative, fun, and low-stress time that emphasised building whacky rides over the challenging micromanagement you might expect from a Theme Park-like. That might not be for everyone but I’m tempted to grab the game after some more patches, purely for the childlike joy of creating loop-de-loops and riding my creations in first-person. Maybe on sale, though.

Park Beyond is available on Steam for £40/$50. The 2.0 patch and Beyond eXtreme pack releases September 29th.

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