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What are we all playing this weekend?


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After the unspeakable horrors of a five-day working week, what a relief for people in the UK to be back on another three-day weekend. We'll be mostly quiet Monday then return properly on Tuesday. The weather's been absolutely glorious out here so I'm aching to spend quality time outside. But what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

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In time, you will now the tragic extent of my failings. That time is now: Darkest Dungeon 2's second boss is a right pain in the bum. The first time I faced it, I had lost Man-at-Arms and Plague Doctor in the very final fight of the previous stretch, and fumbled to made do with the Vestal and Runaway I picked up in the inn. Most of my damage was blight or burn and oh, when I saw the boss I quickly figured how well that would work out. Time to regroup, plan, and see about heading back with a party who'll happily punch it square in the lungs.

I've been inspired by the recent PlayStation Showcase to finally tackle Resident Evil 4. I know it's good, I just need to summon the bravery to get through it.

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I'm meaning to play the postapocalyptic rewilding adventure After Us, a game that maybe slipped off the radar despite its eye-catching reveal at last year's Geoff Awards. Look, if humanity can so easily forget about a dachsund ghost who's that good of a boy, maybe it deserves to go extinct in an environmental disaster, s'all I'm saying.

No point beating around the bush. It's Zelda. Zelda all the way down (and in Tears Of The Kingdom, down goes a heck of a long way).

I'm at a wedding this weekend, so I imagine I'll be spending the majority of the next few days drinking glasses of Prosecco in the sun and making some Wedding Friends. Wedding Friends are a beautiful phenomenon. People brought together purely through circumstance. I barely know the married couple (my partner went to Uni with the groom), meaning everyone in that room - bar two people - will be perfect strangers to me. Sure, there'll be a bit of awkward small talk at the ceremony (Oh, don't they look lovely! How do you know the happy couple? etc. etc.) but once the drinks are flowing and we're all seated for our meal, that is when the bond of friendship will solidify. For the next six hours, the guests of table 6 will become infamous. As we dance together to Brown Eyed Girl, the mother of the bride will whisper to the groom's uncle: "Table 6 are causing chaos again, those rascals. I heard they didn't know each other until this afternoon and look at them now! They're all planning to holiday in Portugal next summer." And then, when the lights go up and it's time to leave, none of us will share contact information. We'll simply disappear into the night, never to see one another again. But the memories! The memories will linger in the mind for eternity. Table 6. I'll never forget you. Oh, I might play Zelda on the train, actually.

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A crowd of people push a block and then a second crowd jumps over it in Humanity
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I'm still enjoying herding groups of people in Humanity. I've still not gotten to the part where everything gets a bit wild, so I'm looking forward to that.

In searching for a game that's new-to-me yet comforting, I lately landed on finally playing Love Is Strange, and it's certainly doing the job. But I'm going on a small road trip for part of this bank holiday weekend, and suddenly regret that I've so far held off on getting a Steam Deck. (Oh, the irony of coveting a £500 handheld to play free indie games more easily...) Time to bust out Detective Pikachu on the Nintendo 3DS? It feels like I've been keeping it behind emergency glass for just such an occasion.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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