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Logitech's Wireless Starter Kit is ideal for Steam Deck, media PCs and more

Compact and capable, keyboard and mouse.

Back in February we posted a deal on Logitech's K400 Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad combo device, which offered a convenient way to control Steam Deck, media PCs and other gizmos that don't come with built-in desktop-friendly controls.

Today we're back with a similar deal on the Logitech Wireless Starter Kit, which bundles a K380 keyboard and M185 mouse for £40 (down from £50). Both elements are surprisingly high-quality for the price, with a nicer-looking and better-feeling scissor switch keyboard with circular keycaps and a compact 2.4GHz mouse that provides better speed and accuracy than a trackpad.

This setup provides more flexibility overall, as it's likely to provide a better experience than most keyboards and trackpads you'll find on the likes of laptops and tablets - so you could potentially use it with a whole range of devices beyond the Steam Deck and media PCs, perhaps paired with a USB-C adapter/hub for devices that don't have a spare full-size USB port.

Battery life on the keyboard is excellent at around two years, as you'd perhaps expect from a low-power Bluetooth device without backlighting, while the mouse connects over 2.4GHz wireless via a USB dongle but still lasts for up to a year thanks to its efficient design.

For £40, I don't think you'll have many complaints - this is a nice piece of kit for the money even at £50, so at £10 less it's an even better investment.

I hope you found this deal useful; let us know what you think in the comments below and keep your stick on the ice!

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