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This compact wireless keyboard is the perfect Steam Deck or media center PC companion

Logitech's K400 Plus is a stone cold classic, available at £25 after a £20 discount.

Logitech make some great keyboards and mice, and now you can get their K400 Plus wireless keyboard/trackpad combo for £25. That's £20 less than its normal price, and a great value for one of the most convenient peripherals for Steam Deck, media PCs, Raspberry Pis and other systems that occasionally need keyboard/mouse input but don't require a full keyboard and mouse setup.

I picked up one of these keyboards years ago - the K400 Plus has been around since 2016! - and it's proved extremely useful, even in a household with keyboards erupting from every nook (and every other cranny). The small size means that it's easy to move from room to room, hide next to the sofa or stuff in a backpack, but the laptop-style keyboard and trackpad arrangement is perfectly comfortable for searching for what you're playing next on your media PC, inputting text on a TV or games console, setting up (legal) emulation on a Steam Deck and so on.

There are some nice touches here too, like volume buttons right above the trackpad, a Function layer with media controls on the F keys and an on/off button that helps you preserve battery life. Speaking of longevity, the K400 Plus lasts up to 18 months between charges, which is long enough that you'll basically forget that it was ever charged in the first place.

It communicates via USB, so there's no Bluetooth pairing to deal with - just plug the USB dongle into whatever device you want to use it with, and you're away to the races. (It's full-size USB-A, so you'll need a USB-C adapter/dongle if you want to use it with the Steam Deck, although most Steam Deck docks provide plenty of USB-A ports).

Overall, a great little pickup for £25 and I'd argue an essential purchase for anyone with a computer tucked under their TV.

What do you think? Are RPS readers even likely to have TV PCs? Let me know in the comments below!

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