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F1 2023 coming in June and will bring back story mode

With its first female driver

F1 2021 had a story mode calling 'Braking Point', but it was absent from the racing simulation's 2022 iteration. It returns in F1 2023, which will launch this June. There's a reveal trailer below which features its protagonists, including newcomer Callie Mayer.

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Within the fiction of F1 2023, Callie is the first woman to ever win the Formula 2 championship and is keen for a shot at Formula 1. She's also the sister of Devon Butler, returning protagonist of F1 2021 alongside "young upstart" Aiden Jackson. Both also return in the trailer above. There are a new generation of Formula 1 fans who came to the sport via Netflix's Drive To Survive, so amplifying narrative in the gmae only makes sense.

F1 2023 will also feature two new tracks: the Las Vegas Street Circuit in Nevada, and the Losail International Circuit in Doha, Qatar. The Las Vegas circuit has not yet featured in an real world Formula 1 race but is due to debut later this year.

There are several tracks that have been dropped from the real racing season which will remain in F1 2023 as legacy tracks, including Circuit Paul Ricard in France, Shanghai International Circuit, and Algarve International Circuit in Portugal. F1 2023 will also feature tweaks the vehicle handling, the return of Red Flag events, and much else.

F1 2023 will launch on June 16th. It's up on Steam now and will cost £60/$70.

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