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Intel's Arc A750 8GB GPU gets UK price cut to £230.98 - yet outperforms the £300 RTX 3060

An incredible price for a graphics card that continues to improve with age.

Both Nvidia and AMD's latest graphics card releases, the RTX 7600 and RTX 4060 Ti, have crashed and burned - so who's going to actually make a well-priced GPU? If you had Intel on your bingo cards, congrulations - their Arc A750 8GB graphics card is down to £230.98 on Amazon UK, marking a £20 price drop that brings this option way below the £300 RTX 3060 that it comprehensively beats.

Yup, to rephrase that - the RTX 3060 is outclassed by around 20 percent by the Arc A750, yet this card is significantly cheaper. If I was in the market for an entry-level gaming PC build targeting 1080p, this is the graphics card I'd choose.

The Arc A750 is an interesting card because it's incredibly good value - but it also has very specific requirements, which I'll outline now. First, Intel's Arc cards rely heavily on the Resizeable BAR motherboard feature, with performance tanking significantly if it's not enabled - so make sure your motherboard supports it before buying. Basically any motherboard made in the past three years should do so, including Intel and AMD 400-series boards or newer, but do doublecheck.

Second, Arc cards are brilliant at ray tracing and their XeSS AI upscaler is comparable in quality to Nvidia's DLSS 2 - although it is supported by much fewer games than DLSS or AMD's FSR 2.

So if newer games that support these techs aren't the issue, what's the problem? Well, older games built around the DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 graphics APIs perform much worse on Arc than DirectX 12 or Vulkan games, as these APIs are supported via a translation layer to DX12. These games tend to be less demanding in general, so this isn't disastrous, but Arc becomes a better deal the more likely you are to play modern releases rather than semi-recent titles - the ones that are new enough to still be challenging for this tier of graphics hardware but not new enough to use a modern API.

Anyway, long story short: Arc A750 very good. Has become better since launch, even, as driver updates continue to add on performance and streamline features. But. Check it's right for you before buy. OK? OK. You want read more? James write review, you read. Bed now, bye!

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