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This ASRock RX 6950 XT graphics card is now under £600

A low price for a GPU that beats the RTX 4070 by ~20% in rasterised titles.

AMD's RX 6950 XT has been enjoying a surprising revival as of late, as precipitous price drops have positioned it as a cheaper competitor to Nvidia's new RTX 4070 GPU that offers better performance in rasterised titles - by a significant ~20% margin, too.

Today, the RX 6950 XT has dropped below the £600 mark for the first time we're aware of, with a chunky triple-fan ASRock model costing just £598 at Overclockers in the UK. That's significantly cheaper than the £999 that these cards originally debuted at, bringing it into contention with newer-gen cards.

The 4070 is still arguably the better option in terms of features, thanks to better-supported DLSS 2 outperforming FSR 2 in most games and DLSS 3 frame generation offering some new possibilities for boosting visual fluidity in a smaller range of titles, but if you tend to prefer older titles, or ones that don't use ray tracing, then the RX 6950 XT could be the better choice.

The big benefit of this card is that its non-RT performance is excellent for the money, with solid frame-rates even in the latest AAA games at up to 4K. The likes of the RX 7900 XTX and RTX 4090 are significantly stronger cards at the £1000+ mark, but at this high-end price point the RX 6950 XT is a great choice.

FSR 2 has also continued to develop and attract support from game developers, and no doubt AMD has its own frame generation concept on the way too. The Radeon control panel is also much more modern and comprehensive than its Nvidia counterpart, with great options for streaming, recording, analysing performance and so on - even though encoding quality isn't quite as good as on latest-gen Nvidia cards.

Overall then, Team Red can make a lot of sense - and in the absence of proper mid-range to high-end options from the Radeon 7000 series, this is an awesome pickup for the money.

Thanks for joining us for another deals post, and stay tuned for more options as we discover them! Cheerio.

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