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Vote now for your favourite space games of all time

We're launching our next RPS Bestest Best: Reader Edition list

A female astronaut gazes out of a spaceship window to look at Earth in Deliver Us Mars
Image credit: Frontier Foundry

Hello folks. I meant to kick off this list last month, but I accidentally put it in the wrong airlock in the RPS Treehouse and poof. Off it went. (I also ran out of time to put our voting form together - apologies!). But as we all continue zhoooming our lightsabers around in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor or jumping aboard the stellar space train in Honkai: Star Rail, it still feels like an appropriate time to ask you this all-important question: what are your favourite space games of all time?

As with our previous RPS Bestest Best: Reader Edition lists, these are voted for by you, the RPS readership, and they exist separately to our own best game lists that have been compiled by the RPS editorial team. Our lists tend to focus on the best games we'd recommend you play today, but these reader-voted lists are intended to take a broader view of all the great gaming classics.

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Please use the embedded survey below to cast your vote (or you can use this direct link if you prefer). As before, we're asking you to vote for your top 5 favourite space games of all time.

Your number one pick will receive five points, your second pick will receive four points and so on. There's also space to write a little bit about why you love each of your picks as well, although it's not necessary or compulsory in order to vote. Once the votes are tallied up, we'll create a dedicated list of your personal Bestest Bests, accompanied by all the lovely words you wrote about them.

I will stress that you can vote for any game you like, and not just what we've included in the drop-down list in the voting form. These are starting suggestions more than anything else - we pulled them in from Steam's space tag to help make counting votes a little easier for us, but it is by no means exhaustive and there are no doubt lots of good things on there that we've missed. If you don't see your favourite game in the list, please select "Other" and vote for it that way.

If you're unsure about what counts as a 'space game', our own best space games list takes a fairly traditional view of the genre - most involve flying through space in a ship of some kind, rather than settling on the surface of a planet and making a new life for yourself. There are still plenty of hybrid games on our list - RPGs and space-themed strategy games and the like - but they generally still let you go to space rather than simply being set in space. But hey, that's just what we've done with our list. If you want to vote for games like Astroneer and Alien: Isolation, go for it. I'm not going to stop you. I mean, I literally can't. This is your list.

That's it! I'm excited to see what games get your jets fired up, and I look forward to reading all your excellent words about them, too.

To cast your vote, please make sure you complete this form by 5pm BST on Friday, May 12th.

Thanks again, and happy voting!

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